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8 Tips For Increasing Engagement On Facebook Status Updates Using Photos

It seems that study after study are telling us that photos are the number one type of content that people engage with on Facebook. This comes as no surprise to me, as I often skim my Facebook news feed and am drawn to visual images over text. In addition to this, I often don’t click on video links as I either don’t have the time to watch them, might be in an environment where playing audio is not appropriate or am not sure of the relevance of the content from the title and screen shot provided. Some people may also be concerned of their download limits when streaming video, particularly if using a mobile device. So now you know that photos create greater engagement, how can you incorporate this into your Facebook posting strategy? Impactiv8 is here to help, with 8 handy tips for making it easier to use photos to increase engagement on Facebook.

How To Edit Photos With Ease To Make Them More Interesting And Engaging

Sourcing the perfect image to accompany a post on one of your social media platforms or blogs can often be be a difficult and time consuming task. Perhaps the image you have sourced through an on-line image bank looks great, but you would prefer the man to be looking surprised because he sees your 50% discount sign rather than because there is a polar bear on its hind legs about to attack him. However the only other alternative you have is one that looks like you took it on your iPhone with your finger half over the lens (because you did). Never fear, there are tools available to turn both of these images into professional looking images that suit your purpose, whilst making them more interesting and engaging. However, even better than that – these tools are both affordable and easy to use!

8 Tips For Writing Your First Blog Post

I have decided to develop a list of my top 8 tips for writing your first blog post (whilst it is still fresh in my mind) to assist you in getting started if you would like to reap the benefits of blogging for yourself.

So what EXACTLY is a blog post?

I am a massive advocate for blogging and the benefits it can bring for small businesses when successfully combined with a social media strategy to share the content of blog posts. More times than not when I am explaining this to clients, friends and anyone that will listen really, the response is the same – a tilt of the head, a quizzical look and then the question, “so what EXACTLY is a blog post”?