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Facebook Displays A Mini Business Card When You Hover Over A Name

Facebook has recently added a new feature that enables users to hover over a name on Facebook to reveal a pop-up that displays basic information about the Page or person that has made the post or comment. This pop-up displays is like a mini business card, displaying various information depending upon whether or not it is a Page or Person that you are viewing and what features have been made available via their settings.

BOOK REVIEW: Blogging & Tweeting Without Getting Sued

I have recently finished reading Blogging and Tweeting without Getting Sued: A global guide to the law for anyone writing online by media law expert, Mark Pearson. I was attracted to this book in the first place, as I have witnessed firsthand quite a bit of unsavoury online behaviour of late both personally and in the media and was keen to get a bit more information as to where that imaginary line in the sand is and to be able to share that information with fellow online users. This post provides a summary of the main issues discussed in this book.

How Promoted Posts Can Help You Engage Your Fans As Explained By Facebook

There are over 3.2 Billion Likes and Comments on Facebook per day. ¬†Each of these creates a story that can show up in people’s newsfeeds. ¬†However, there are only a certain number of slots available in each persons newsfeed at any given time and there are quite often too many stories relative to the amount […]

Facebook Admin Roles Explained

In the past all administrators had equal access and full rights to the management of your Page. Therefore, if you added someone as an administrator then there was nothing (other than their ethics) stopping him or her from removing you as an Administrator of your own Page. The beauty of the various admin role levels […]