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Social Media Best Practice – 8 Key Strategies To Assist Businesses To Use Social Media Successfully

Often businesses jump on the social media bandwagon because everyone else is on it and they feel pressured to join in. This is usually combined with a lack of understanding of what they are trying to achieve, what they need to do and how to use social media successfully. This following eight strategies assist businesses to use social media successfully:

Facebook Mobile Pages Get A Facelift – Are They Getting Ready For Mobile Apps?

Facebook has recently changed the way that Facebook Pages are displaying on mobile devices, making me wonder if Facebook is getting its mobile platform for Pages ready for Facebook Apps.

When you access a Facebook Page via the Facebook mobile app these days, what you find now closely mirrors what you would see on the desktop version, rather than the previous version which lacked many of the features.

8 Things You Must Do When Scheduling Posts Within Facebook

8 tips to ensure you use the Facebook post scheduling feature to maximum effect.

How To Change The Name Of My Facebook Page Regardless Of How Many People Like My Page

Have you ever wanted to change the name of your page in the past but you can’t because you have more than 100 people that Like your page? Or wanted to change the vanity URL (username) of your Page but couldn’t? Well this is no longer the case and you can now do both – […]