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Blogging Helps Businesses To Make More Money!

Blogging makes the readers of your blog more likely to do business with you and therefore result in making more money for your business, but how?

Facebook Business Resources – Free Downloads

Facebook For Business has recently released some new resources that have been developed to assist you to engage with your audience and grow your business, including free sticker/sign templates and a Facebook business success guide. Download Free Facebook Sticker/Sign and Facebook’s 4 Steps to Business Success Guide here.

Blogging Helps My Business By…

I often get asked “why do you blog?” The reason I started out blogging were to demonstrate my expertise so that when a potential client was deciding whether or not to do business with me they could go to my blog (which is featured on the home page of my website) and make an assessment for themselves whether or not they thought I knew my stuff.

There Is A New Chief Rabbit In Town

It is with much excitement that I announce that I have purchased the Social Rabbit brand and as of today will officially be the new Chief Rabbit in the Social Rabbit burrow.

Facebook Reaches 1 Billion Active Users – Or Has It?

Whilst I believe Facebook is continuing to grow, I too am sceptical as to whether or not this is an accurate landmark that Facebook is celebrating, but at the end of the day, does it really matter? Facebook is still massive, it is still where the people are at and it is still where businesses need to be if they want to access their customers and potential customers. So I think Facebook needs to be congratulated for that alone.

Now Everyone Can Access Facebook Offers – For A Price!

Facebook first began to roll out Facebook “Offers” in February 2012 as a FREE to create and share product that was initially restricted to Pages categorised as “local/business – retail” that had more than 400 fans. The good news is that this product is now available to all Pages that have more than 400 fans, but the bad news is that now it is only FREE to try the first time. 🙁