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Australian Open 2013: How To Score A Social Media Ace At Your Next Event

For those of you that have been following me via social media over the past two weeks you would’ve noticed my love of tennis. I attended the event twice and when not there I have been following it on television, radio, internet or the Australian Open App, depending upon what I am doing at the time. Throughout this experience I have kept a close eye on how the Australian Open has used social media to further promote engagement around the event and have shared how you might be able to use the lessons learnt at the next event you conduct for your business.

WOW! Did I really achieve all that in 2012? Bring on 2013!!!

I can’t believe I made it through 2013 (and not just cause of what the Mayan’s had to say), but I was genuinely expecting 2012 to be a nightmare year. Why you ask? Because I was juggling a new business with an ever expanding “To Do List”, had one child at kinder (a measly 4hrs only 3 times a week) and waaaaaaay too many after school activities for the other two billy lids.