Loren Bartley

Hi! My name is Loren Bartley and I am a social media consultant, educator, coach, public speaker, blogger, early adopter, self-confessed geek, recovering fitness freak (that is getting her freak back on) and mother of two boys and a “Princess”.

I am passionate about educating small businesses on how to use the power of social media independently to build brand awareness, share their stories, develop communities, grow their business and ultimately achieve their overall business goals by converting online communities into action! I provide the perfect balance between strategy, “how-to” and best practice, ensuring that her clients have all the tools necessary to develop and maintain an effective online presence.

Despite a Masters in Business (Sport Management) and working in various sport and leisure roles ranging from admin assistant through to CEO, my journey into the world of social media has been a perfect fit. In fact I gained all the required skills to hold myself in good stead as a social media consultant well before MySpace was even invented. One of the major challenges of any sporting organisation is community development and management, with a focus on attracting, retaining and rewarding volunteers – key result areas that I now incorporate into the social media strategies that I develop.

I have always been social (both on and off-line) and love to write – I was editor and publisher of my first ever newsletter at the age of 12! There is no doubt that if blogging had been more mainstream in the late 90’s then I would’ve been a travel blogger whilst I lived and worked in Singapore and England instead of inundating my friends with stories of my adventures via email.

I have always had an interest in all things geeky – including my husband – an IT Professional. I helped build the Victorian Institute of Sport’s first website back in 1997, later built an Access databases for the British Judo Association and owned an iMac way before they became trendy.

I became obsessed with the world of social media back in 2005 when working at Masters Swimming Australia and trying to find a way to market to 20-30 year old ex-competitive swimmers. I dived straight into learning the craft and have been fully immersed ever since.

I am a born educator, with a thirst for knowledge coupled with a desire to share. Throughout my career I have used my teaching skills and qualifications to teach a variety of skills ranging from how to perform CPR through to the Diploma of Management. However, these days my focus is on designing, developing and delivering social media training programs and resources into a logical sequence to facilitate learning. I have a unique ability to cut through the confusion and focus on the key strategies necessary to achieve results.

I have been described as “a charismatic public speaker, engaging audiences with her knowledge, experience, stories and amazing blue eyes”. Loren is the creator of Social Media Success and FB Business SuccesS NOW!, two online training programs, combined with awesome support.

Some of my major achievements in life include representing Australia in the sport of lifesaving, launching my own social media business (Impactiv8), appearing on the front page of The Age (thanks to my social media work) and chatting with the Queen – yes the real one! Oh and marrying my wonderful husband and having three beautiful kids of course.

I would love it if you could take a moment to check out how I can help your business via the social media online training programssocial media coaching and social media workshops or presentations that Impactiv8 provides.

Now enough about me. Let's connect via your social media network of choice so I can hear your story:

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