Blogging Helps My Business By…

Will Blogging Help My Business?I often get asked “why do you blog?” The reason I started out blogging were to demonstrate my expertise so that when a potential client was deciding whether or not to do business with me they could go to my blog (which is featured on the home page of my website) and make an assessment for themselves whether or not they thought I knew my stuff.

Now that I am coming up to my one year anniversary of blogging for Impactiv8, and after attending ProBlogger 2012, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on how blogging has helped my business and why I continue to blog.

Demonstrating my expertise still remains a strong driving force behind my reason for blogging. After all, social media is always changing, so I have to continually demonstrate that my expertise is still current.  However, I now have even more reasons why I choose to blog that I would like to share with you (in no particular order).

Blogging Helps My Business By:

  • Demonstrating my expertise and the current nature of that expertise;
  • Providing a platform where I can answer one person's question so that many others can learn from that information;
  • Providing regular content to share with Impactiv8's social networks and Impactiv8's monthly e-mail updates;
  • Assisting to build Impactiv8's social networks and Impactiv8's other online communities;
  • Enabling a platform for me to ask questions, seek feedback and create a dialogue with customers and potential customers;
  • Enabling immediate dissemination of information;
  • Increasing the reach for my business;
  • Increasing my profile;
  • Improving my website's SEO (search engine optimisation);
  • Creating a resource that my online communities come back to on a regular basis;
  • Opening doors to meet new people that can assist me in achieving my business goals;
  • Allowing me to escape from the sometimes overwhelming “things to do list” and do something I truly enjoy (that doesn't mean that I don't like all the things on my to-do-list all the time);
  • Allowing me to be creative, express my opinions and share my insights with my online community; and
  • Assisting customers and potential customers to trust me and the quality of information, products and services I offer.

I am sure I could go on. Whilst these are all great reasons to blog, they don't necessarily pay the bills on their own.  However, they lead to this end goal by attracting and retaining customers.

Blogging Helps Me Attract And Retain Customers

The majority of the income I receive comes from the services I offer. These include:

Blogging helps me attract and retain customers by educating people about what I can help them with, how I can help them and why I should be the one that helps them. By providing valuable content at no cost to those that read my blog, readers then become pre-interested, pre-motivated, pre-qualified and pre-disposed to doing business with me. This then allows them to make an informed and intelligent decision as to whether or not they should work with me that is note solely based on price.

One of the benefits of housing my blog as the home page of my website is that it acts as a springboard, enabling potential customers to easily find the products and services that I offer once they have received value from the blog post that first attracted them to my website.

Don't just take my word for it. I asked other bloggers to finish the statement “Blogging helps my business by…” and the answer was Blogging Helps Businesses To Make More Money!

How Can You Learn More About Monetizing Your Blog?

You can learn more about monetizing your blog by purchasing a virtual pass to ProBlogger 2012. As part of your ticket you get access to the audio recordings from all 21 session at #PBEVENT as well as any presentation slides used by speakers at the event. I attended this event and have since listened to all the concurrent sessions that I missed at the event. I highly recommend this resource to assist you in building your business to help your business achieve success!

About Loren Bartley

Loren Bartley is as a social media strategist, educator, coach, public speaker, blogger, early adopter, self-confessed lover of all things geek-eske, and mother of three.

As the founder of Impactiv8, Loren helps businesses grow using the power of social media and lifecycle marketing automation.

Loren has created three online training programs: Social Media Success, FB Business Success and Linked Business Success and she also offers bespoke social media presentations, workshops, one-on-one coaching and social media implementation services.

Loren is also the producer and co-host of the highly successful #BusinessAddicts The Podcast, which she hosts in conjunction with Fiona Redding from The Happiness Hunter.


  1. As a freelance writer and workshop facilitator, my blog The Zigazag Mag helps on several levels.
    1. It provides a platform for my writing which adds to my credibility as a freelance writer.
    2. It serves to advertise the writing workshops that I facilitate.
    3. It gives a glimpse into the ‘real me’ which garners trust and helps people decide whether they would like to work with me.
    4. Zigazag is a trusted resource for where to go, and what to see in Western Australia and because it helps people decide where to go on holiday, it helps establish me as an authority in WA.

    • Jo – Thanks for your insights into how blogging helps your business. The “credibility” aspect of having a blog is something that isn’t easy to measure, but the benefits that come with increased credibility as a result of your blog can be massive. For example, I wouldn’t have as many clients and opportunities that I have today if not for the level of credibility that my blog has generated for me.

  2. Great article Loren – you ask why I blog – well, it’s ditto, ditto and ditto! You pretty well got it covered there! Cheers, Alli x

  3. Wow some great information! I know I should blog more but find it hard to spend the time doing it, you have inspired me to go and get the virtual pass and make it part of my strategy!!! Thanks!

  4. Hi Loren,

    Great post! I have just started to blog and your article reinforced the strategy behind why a blog is so important!
    Do you think it’s worth as a beginner to invest in the Problogger seminar?

    • Sonya – Definitely! It is best to start off with an end goal in mind in regards to what you are ultimately looking to get out of your blog. ProBlogger will assist you by making you aware of the opportunities and providing you with information required so that you can start working toward that end goal straight away. There were so many good tips provided that I wish I had’ve known when I first started out. It is sure to be a worthwhile investment as it will probably save you time as you will help you to start off on the right path straight away by learning from the experiences of successful bloggers.

  5. Blogging helps us in increasing the brand awareness of our products among users. It also helps in promoting our products online and also helps to know the customer requirements and feedback.

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