Social Media Success Summit 2014: The Secret To My Social Media Knowledge

Social Media Examiner's Social Media Success Summit 2014

I often get asked: How do you know so much about Social Media? Did you study Social Media at University? No! If I said it didn’t exist when I went to University would I be giving away my age? Did you go to Facebook University? No! Although I probably would’ve been first in line if […]

One Night Only: My Appearance At The Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Social Media Tactics - On Stage At The Melbourne International Comedy Festival

On Saturday 12 April 2014 I made my comedy debut at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Yes, I appeared live on stage “for one night only” as part of the Tim Vine Chat Show at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. How did this happen? Well I employed all the social media tactics I use online in […]

Why Your Website Is Sabotaging Your Social Media Conversion Rates & What To Do About It!

Website Home Base Social Media Outposts

Would you like to see higher social media conversion rates? If you are spending all your time building up your audience on social media in isolation and not pulling those fans back to your website, then you are doing it all wrong! If you are pulling your social media followers back to your website and […]

I Lost My Blogging Mojo: Here’s How I Got It Back!

I lost my blogging mojo

I lost my blogging mojo. Have you? I lost mine back at the beginning of the year. But guess what? I got it back! I Lost My Blogging Mojo: Here’s How I Got It Back!Click To TweetPowered By CoSchedule Firstly, allow me to share with you how I lost my blogging mojo… How I Lost […]

ProBlogger Event 2013 Virtual Pass – Tickets Now On Sale!

ProBlogger Event 2013 Virtual Pass

I can’t wait to attend ProBlogger 2013 on the Gold Coast on 13 and 14 September and I just got a little more excited, because I just registered for my ProBlogger Event 2013 Virtual Pass.  The more exciting news is that you can too!!! ProBlogger Event 2013 Virtual Pass – Tickets On Sale Now! The ProBlogger […]

My New Social Media Fitness Desk

Exercise Bike Desk Workstation

Are you struggling to balance your business and health? Do you wish you could find more time for exercise without impacting your productivity? Well I may have found the answer for you! Now let me start by saying that this post is way off track from the awesome social media tips for small business that I […]

How To install A Pinterest Pin It Button For Images On A WordPress Website

Pinterest Pin It Button Plugin Hover Example - Square

How To Increase Traffic To Your Self-hosted Wordpress Website From Pinterest.

The Benefits Of Blogger Outreach For Businesses

Blogger Agencies

Blogger outreach is becoming an increasingly effective method for businesses to extend their reach, amplify their messages, create buzz and most importantly influence the buying behaviours of their target markets. What is Blogger Outreach? Blogger Outreach is reaching out and working with bloggers whose audiences comprise of your target customers, with the intention of developing […]

Blogging Helps Businesses To Make More Money!

Blogging Helps My Business Make Money By

Blogging makes the readers of your blog more likely to do business with you and therefore result in making more money for your business, but how?

Blogging Helps My Business By…

Blogging Helps My Business By

I often get asked “why do you blog?” The reason I started out blogging were to demonstrate my expertise so that when a potential client was deciding whether or not to do business with me they could go to my blog (which is featured on the home page of my website) and make an assessment for themselves whether or not they thought I knew my stuff.