Why Your Website Is Sabotaging Your Social Media Conversion Rates & What To Do About It!

Would you like to see higher social media conversion rates? If you are spending all your time building up your audience on social media in isolation and not pulling those fans back to your website, then you are doing it all wrong! If you are pulling your social media followers back to your website and […]

How To install A Pinterest Pin It Button For Images On A WordPress Website

How To Increase Traffic To Your Self-hosted Wordpress Website From Pinterest.

Have you got a Gravatar?

If part of your business strategy involves┬ácomment more on blogs as a means toward driving more traffic to your ________ [insert: website/blog/facebook/twitter or any other online platform], then I might just have a tool that will make you more successful with this strategy and more importantly, save you a load of time. Let me introduce […]

So what EXACTLY is a blog post?

I am a massive advocate for blogging and the benefits it can bring for small businesses when successfully combined with a social media strategy to share the content of blog posts. More times than not when I am explaining this to clients, friends and anyone that will listen really, the response is the same – a tilt of the head, a quizzical look and then the question, “so what EXACTLY is a blog post”?