Want More Website Traffic From Facebook?

Want More Website Traffic From Facebook?

Let me guess. You are active on Facebook, posting regularly, engaging in the conversation, but not quite getting the website traffic from Facebook that you were expecting. Am I right? If so, here are some tips for gaining more website traffic from Facebook. Planning Will Get You More Website Traffic From Facebook The first thing […]

What Should I Post On My Facebook Business Page?

What Should I Post On My Facebook Business Page?

Q. What should I post on my Facebook Business Page? This is actually a much easier question to answer than most people think, but unfortunately a lot of small businesses are getting this VERY wrong. A. The content you post on your Facebook Page should be content that is of value to your ideal customer. […]

Social Media Predictions 2014

Social Media Predictions 2014

My Social Media Predictions 2014 In my opinion, 2014 in the world of social media is going to be about investment, engagement, diversification and assets. Social Media Investment In 2013, in an attempt to improve Facebook user experience, Facebook made several major tweaks to the algorythm that determines what does and doesn’t appear in people’s […]

Australian Open 2014: Hashtags, Check-ins & Tweets

AusOpen hashtag

I am a big fan of the tennis. I go to the Australian Open every year and over the years I have been keeping a close eye on the evolving use of social media at the event. Check out Australian Open 2013: How To Score A Social Media Ace At Your Next Event to see how the Australian […]

Most Popular Podcast Episode of 2013 – Australian Businesswomen’s Network

Most popular podcast episode of 2013

I am so honoured to be #1 as the most popular podcast episode of 2013 by the Australian Businesswomen’s Network for the episode I contributed to on Facebook: How to increase your Likes + Elements of the Perfect Post. In this interview with Suzi Dafnis and Cat Matson I provide tips for business owners on: Why […]

Impactiv8 Social Media Advent Calendar

ar - Facebook Christmas App

I would like to thank you for your support throughout 2013. Everyone that reads my weekly updates, reads my social media blog posts, engages with me on social media or purchases any of my social media online training programs, social media coaching or social media workshops or presentations plays an important role in my business and I am truly grateful for […]

Strategic Social Media Marketing That Works

Strategic Social Media Marketing That Works

I was recently interviewed by Shannon Bush from Creative Possibility for the WebTalkRadio.net podcast on the topic of “Strategic Social Media Marketing That Works”. During this interview we discussed: Why it is important to have a social media strategy that aligns with your overall business goals The benefits of leveraging the power of social media The social media sales […]

Generate More Christmas Sales Using Facebook: Business Examples

Examples Of How Businesses Are Using Facebook To Generate More Sales In The Lead Up To Christmas

Are you ready to take advantage of the biggest buying time of the year? The lead up to Christmas is a great time for making sales and Facebook is a great platform for generating more sales during this busy buying period. However, broadcasting out sales messages that effectively scream “BUY MY STUFF!!!” is not the […]

Proprietary Audience Development: Develop An Audience Or Pay For It!

Develop An Audience Or Pay For It!

I recently listened (three times) to an interview with Jeffrey K Rohrs, the author of “Audience – Marketing in the age of subscribers, fans and followers”, on the Social Media Marketing Podcast with Mike Stelzner and was particularly impressed with Jeff’s views on Proprietary Audience Development. Together they discussed the importance of strategically building and engaging with […]

Facebook Christmas Apps: Have You Set One Up For Your Business Yet?

Facebook Christmas Apps

So the countdown to Christmas is well and truly on. Are you ready to take advantage of the biggest buying time of the year? This is a great time for making sales, even what you sell doesn’t fall into the typical Christmas gift category – provided you plan ahead and get your marketing right! Have […]