Impactiv8 serves two types of client. Do It Yourself clients (the people who want to learn how to manage their social media presence themselves) and Done For You clients (the people who want to hire my services to manage their social media presence on their behalf). Whilst Impactiv8 offers tailored solutions to meet your business needs, the types of services available include:

Social Media Management

Impactiv8 offers Social Media Management services for businesses without the knowledge, time and resources to manage their social media presence in-house.  Impactiv8 will set up, maintain, manage and measure your social media presence, allowing you more time to do what you do best – running your own business.

Social Media Consultation

Impactiv8 offers Social Media Consultation for businesses that need help in either establishing or refining their social media presence.  Impactiv8 will:

  • Appraise your current on-line social media presence;
  • Work with you to develop a social media strategy that meets with your business objectives;
  • Set up your businesses social media profiles and tools of choice as identified in your strategy; and
  • Provide advice, assistance and training so that you can maintain and measure your social media presence either in-house or externally in the most efficient and effective manner to suit your business.

Social Media Training and Presentations

Once a customised solution is developed for your business, Impactiv8 will tailor a training package to meet with the individual requirements of your business and staff.

Impactiv8 offers a range of workshops and training programs that you can sign up to on an individual basis.

Impactiv8 is also available to present bespoke presentations relating to social media for small businesses at conferences or other events.

Social Media Resources

Impactiv8 develops social media resources for small businesses. In addition to generic resources, additional resources can be developed specific to your business needs and to assist with your training requirements.

Regardless of the approach, Impactiv8 will use the 8 Pillars of Impactiv8 to tailor a solution specific to your business needs.  Contact Impactiv8 to determine the best solution for your business.