Facebook Christmas Apps: Have You Set One Up For Your Business Yet?

So the countdown to Christmas is well and truly on. Are you ready to take advantage of the biggest buying time of the year? This is a great time for making sales, even what you sell doesn’t fall into the typical Christmas gift category – provided you plan ahead and get your marketing right! Have […]

How To Put Your Facebook Page On Auto-Pilot

Below is a link to the video replay and presentation for the webinar I conducted on How To Put Your Facebook Page On Auto-Pilot on 26 June 2013. I put this webinar together to deal with a common issue amongst Facebook Page Administrators – that being Facebook OVERWHELM! How To Put Your Facebook Page On Auto-Pilot

Facebook Hashtags – Facebook Launches #Hashtags

#Hashtags. Love them or hate them? Regardless of your opinion, it looks like they are here to stay. In fact, they are about to become more ingrained in our vernacular, with hashtags being rolled out across Facebook for public conversations as I write this post. Facebook Hashtags now work within the public status updates and comments […]

There Is A New Chief Rabbit In Town

It is with much excitement that I announce that I have purchased the Social Rabbit brand and as of today will officially be the new Chief Rabbit in the Social Rabbit burrow.

How To Merge Two Facebook Business Pages

Many businesses have had multiple Places set up on Facebook by people keen to check-in to their business that have created a new place instead of checking into the official Page for the business or perhaps an old Page established by a past employee that you no longer have access to. This can be frustrating for businesses, but the good news is that this can be fixed!

How To Claim Your Business Place Page On Facebook

Anyone can set up a Facebook Place and as a result you may find that there are duplicate Places set up for your businesses. This can be frustrating, particularly if visitors to your business are checking into a Place that is not your official Facebook Place or Business Page. However, all is not lost. There is a relatively simple process to fix this.

Social Media Best Practice – 8 Key Strategies To Assist Businesses To Use Social Media Successfully

Often businesses jump on the social media bandwagon because everyone else is on it and they feel pressured to join in. This is usually combined with a lack of understanding of what they are trying to achieve, what they need to do and how to use social media successfully. This following eight strategies assist businesses to use social media successfully:

8 Things You Must Do When Scheduling Posts Within Facebook

8 tips to ensure you use the Facebook post scheduling feature to maximum effect.

Facebook Displays A Mini Business Card When You Hover Over A Name

Facebook has recently added a new feature that enables users to hover over a name on Facebook to reveal a pop-up that displays basic information about the Page or person that has made the post or comment. This pop-up displays is like a mini business card, displaying various information depending upon whether or not it is a Page or Person that you are viewing and what features have been made available via their settings.

How Promoted Posts Can Help You Engage Your Fans As Explained By Facebook

There are over 3.2 Billion Likes and Comments on Facebook per day.  Each of these creates a story that can show up in people’s newsfeeds.  However, there are only a certain number of slots available in each persons newsfeed at any given time and there are quite often too many stories relative to the amount […]