How To Create A Facebook Group For Business

Many businesses are failing to capitalise on the important role that Facebook Groups can play in growing their business. This blog post provides an overview of how to use Facebook Groups for Business successfully.

Social Media Best Practice – 8 Key Strategies To Assist Businesses To Use Social Media Successfully

Often businesses jump on the social media bandwagon because everyone else is on it and they feel pressured to join in. This is usually combined with a lack of understanding of what they are trying to achieve, what they need to do and how to use social media successfully. This following eight strategies assist businesses to use social media successfully:

Video: How To Create Facebook Tab Image Using Adobe Illustrator

A video and description on how to make the images that appear in the Views/Tabs on Facebook (the images that take you to the Apps when selected).

fMC Announcement: Introducing New Facebook Pages

Summary of the announcements made:
– New Facebook Pages for businesses – pitched as the new "mission control", incorporating a new page design and dashboard for page administrators.
– New products – Premium on Facebook, Reach Generator and Offers
– Increased importance of stories – You activity starts with the story and it is what you do then to distribute that story that can influence the level of engagement that story then generates.