Facebook Reaches 1 Billion Active Users – Or Has It?

Whilst I believe Facebook is continuing to grow, I too am sceptical as to whether or not this is an accurate landmark that Facebook is celebrating, but at the end of the day, does it really matter? Facebook is still massive, it is still where the people are at and it is still where businesses need to be if they want to access their customers and potential customers. So I think Facebook needs to be congratulated for that alone.

UPDATE: Facebook Messages Gets A Makeover

Facebook Messages has just got a makeover, with a new look and more features. The changes enable you to message more people, add more attachments to messages and find things more easily.

How Promoted Posts Can Help You Engage Your Fans As Explained By Facebook

There are over 3.2 Billion Likes and Comments on Facebook per day. ¬†Each of these creates a story that can show up in people’s newsfeeds. ¬†However, there are only a certain number of slots available in each persons newsfeed at any given time and there are quite often too many stories relative to the amount […]

Facebook Admin Roles Explained

In the past all administrators had equal access and full rights to the management of your Page. Therefore, if you added someone as an administrator then there was nothing (other than their ethics) stopping him or her from removing you as an Administrator of your own Page. The beauty of the various admin role levels […]

Social Media Provides Opportunities For Sport To Build Engaged Communities

Sport is inherently social, however many sporting organisations have chosen to steer well clear of social media due to the bad wrap it has received in the press – largely as a result of it being misused by athletes. Rather than focusing on the negatives, sporting organisations should take a look at how businesses have used this media effectively, the opportunities that social media provides and how this can be replicated within the context of a sporting organisation. As well as learning from successful businesses case studies, they should also learn from the mistakes made within sport and ensure good policies and procedures are in place to prevent similar incidents within their sport.

Video: How To Change App Images On Facebook Business Pages

The new Facebook Pages incorporating Timeline provide several opportunities for your business to reflect your brand on your Business Page. One of those is the opportunity to change the images that appear on the application tabs that appear on your Facebook page just below the cover image. Here is an overview as to how you can change those images to optimise your branding and then rearrange the order to highlight the most important apps you want people to visit.