WOW! Did I really achieve all that in 2012? Bring on 2013!!!

I can’t believe I made it through 2013 (and not just cause of what the Mayan’s had to say), but I was genuinely expecting 2012 to be a nightmare year. Why you ask? Because I was juggling a new business with an ever expanding “To Do List”, had one child at kinder (a measly 4hrs only 3 times a week) and waaaaaaay too many after school activities for the other two billy lids.

Blogging Helps Businesses To Make More Money!

Blogging makes the readers of your blog more likely to do business with you and therefore result in making more money for your business, but how?

Facebook Business Resources – Free Downloads

Facebook For Business has recently released some new resources that have been developed to assist you to engage with your audience and grow your business, including free sticker/sign templates and a Facebook business success guide. Download Free Facebook Sticker/Sign and Facebook’s 4 Steps to Business Success Guide here.

There Is A New Chief Rabbit In Town

It is with much excitement that I announce that I have purchased the Social Rabbit brand and as of today will officially be the new Chief Rabbit in the Social Rabbit burrow.

FREE eBook: Online Business Tools To Increase Productivity

As a small business owner myself I understand how important it is to make the most productive use of your most valuable resources, that being your time and your money! It took me a lot of time to research the various online business tools available before I could even start to work on assessing which ones were most appropriate for my business. I have compiled all my research into an eBook “Online Business Tools To Increase Productivity” and am keen to share this resource with you for FREE so that you can save valuable time and make informed decisions about which tools are most appropriate for your business.

Social Media Provides Opportunities For Sport To Build Engaged Communities

Sport is inherently social, however many sporting organisations have chosen to steer well clear of social media due to the bad wrap it has received in the press – largely as a result of it being misused by athletes. Rather than focusing on the negatives, sporting organisations should take a look at how businesses have used this media effectively, the opportunities that social media provides and how this can be replicated within the context of a sporting organisation. As well as learning from successful businesses case studies, they should also learn from the mistakes made within sport and ensure good policies and procedures are in place to prevent similar incidents within their sport.

Facebook Dictionary

Facebook Dictionary.

I Made It To The Front Page Of The Age Thanks To Social Media

Many businesses have given up on traditional print media and are focusing all their efforts on social media to get their messages across. Whilst I am a big advocate for the power of social media, at this point in time, traditional print media should not be forgotten. Instead, you can use all the hard work you are putting into social media to increase your likelihood of getting column inches. Perhaps even the front page of the biggest newspaper in your region. That is what I achieved on behalf of two of my clients. Read on to find out how…

Video: How To Change App Images On Facebook Business Pages

The new Facebook Pages incorporating Timeline provide several opportunities for your business to reflect your brand on your Business Page. One of those is the opportunity to change the images that appear on the application tabs that appear on your Facebook page just below the cover image. Here is an overview as to how you can change those images to optimise your branding and then rearrange the order to highlight the most important apps you want people to visit.

How To Set Up Your Facebook Page For The New Design And Timeline

The long anticipated New Facebook Pages incorporating Timeline were rolled on on 29 February 2012, just prior to their announcement of the New Facebook Pages at fMC 29.2. Whilst it is available to set up straight away, there is no rush (except for someone like me that can’t help themselves), as you have until 30 March 2012 to familarise yourself with the new design and see what works best for you and preview your page without publishing it. You are free to push that “publish” button at anytime though if you can’t wait.