Why Bother Using Email For Business If You Are Using Social Media?

Do you use email marketing for your business? Is your email marketing bringing in leads and converting leads to sales for your business? This is an area of my business that I know I can improve, as it is for most of my clients, so I was super keen to attend the recentĀ full day email […]

Blogging Helps My Business By…

I often get asked “why do you blog?” The reason I started out blogging were to demonstrate my expertise so that when a potential client was deciding whether or not to do business with me they could go to my blog (which is featured on the home page of my website) and make an assessment for themselves whether or not they thought I knew my stuff.

How I Set Up And Launched My Small Business In A Week

It has taken me a lifetime to develop the skills and knowledge required to develop my new business (Impactiv8), but the actual process of setting up the business and all the social media channels that were to accompany it took me less than a week (of bloody hard work).