137 Video Ideas You Can Use Today For Your Business

We see small businesses avoiding the use of video in their marketing for one main reason. They have no idea what to make videos about.

We hear you. It’s like staring at a blank piece of paper, wanting to write a bestseller then just giving it all up and settling for a shopping list. Video is the bestseller in your content marketing tool kit. And we want you to level up your marketing game without wasting loads of time and energy coming up with ideas.

So the Impactiv8 team got together and came up with a huge list of video ideas you can choose from. You’ll want to bookmark this and come back to it whenever you’re scratching your head about what to record. 

There’s 137 video ideas here you can use across all stages of your marketing funnel.

Videos Ideas For Your Small Business

  1. Introduce yourself and/or your team
  2. Share your backstory
  3. Explain what you do and how you do it
  4. Share your company values
  5. Tell us a story about your favourite customer experience
  6. Celebrate birthdays and/or milestones in your business
  7. Demonstrate your Unique Selling Proposition in action
  8. Share an exciting achievement or celebrate your success (e.g. winning an award)
  9. Teach us something
  10. Repurpose blog content
  11. Promote your latest blog post
  12. Share fun facts
  13. Add a welcome video to your Facebook Group
  14. Make a YouTube channel trailer video
  15. Record a video snippet to promote your latest youtube video
  16. Create a video for the cover of your Facebook page
  17. Add a video to the homepage of your website
  18. Record Video exclusively for your email subscribers
  19. Send a video asking for a rating or review
  20. Ask a client for a testimonial via video
  21. Record time-lapse of setting up for an event
  22. Film your products being made or show your process
  23. Record yourself unboxing products
  24. Send a video asking for a referral
  25. Share your goals & progress towards those goals
  26. Record time-lapse of construction
  27. Demonstrate how long something actually takes, particularly if it’s quicker than people may think
  28. Demonstrate what you are doing to improve your carbon footprint
  29. Detail a process
  30. Film your products being packed for shipping
  31. Explain something using a metaphor
  32. Record having fun behind the scenes 
  33. Take us on a tour of your office, shop, warehouse or clinic
  34. Help us get to know you better and relate to you on a personal level by telling personal stories
  35. Introduce a new product/service
  36. Promote a sale
  37. Offer a discount
  38. Demonstrate a product in action
  39. Include user generated content (created by your customers and shared on their and your socials)
  40. Share testimonial videos for your suppliers
  41. Show before and after transformations
  42. Feature real results in a case study
  43. Put a spotlight on an underdog story
  44. Share a fail
  45. Demonstrate your expertise
  46. Add a video on your opt-in landing page
  47. Add a video on the thank you page for your opt-in
  48. Add a video on your sales pages
  49. Add a video to your thank you page after a purchase is made
  50. Send a personalised thank you video message to a new client
  51. Create an interview style video with a peer, team member or special guest
  52. Convert a podcast or snippets from a podcast into a video by combining it with a slideshow or b roll video footage using relevant imagery
  53. Personalise a video message encouraging your hottest audience to purchase
  54. Show the team celebrating
  55. Choose frequently asked questions and record a Q&A
  56. Personalise a video response to a question asked via private message
  57. Give us a sneak peak of something coming soon
  58. Make an announcement of latest news
  59. Celebrate the holidays and special days or events
  60. Jump on the trending topics bandwagon
  61. Make predictions about your industry or a trend
  62. Film a reaction to something relevant to your field
  63. Make a safety announcement
  64. Roundup recent events, blog posts or something else that you do regularly
  65. Create a compilation video of highlights of you day/week/month/launch
  66. Share a ‘Best of’ video
  67. Introduce team members
  68. Cross-promote a partner or other business your audience would be interested in
  69. Do a combined collaboration with another business that can be shared on both of your channels
  70. Set a challenge for your followers to undertake
  71. Demonstrate the tools you use
  72. Take a masterclass you have delivered and chop it up into several videos (or re-record each of the main points as shorter bite sized videos)
  73. Create specific Instructional content on how to use your product/service
  74. Demonstrate unique uses for your product
  75. Create a whiteboard video
  76. Review a product, service or tool
  77. Record a book review
  78. Compare two products
  79. Create long and short tips and tricks videos
  80. Share hacks that your audience would be interested in (e.g. for your product or industry)
  81. Do a screen recording or livestream and screen share
  82. Share a project that your target market would be interested in
  83. Show us a hobby you have taken up recently
  84. Film behind the scenes b roll footage for your own stock footage to be be use in future videos
  85. Record a voiceover for other video content
  86. Share ‘A day in the life’ video
  87. Create a parody video
  88. Conduct a webinar
  89. Create a gif
  90. Make an image compilation video
  91. Use 360 degree video
  92. Shoot a video of how NOT to use your product
  93. Create an animation
  94. Show a time-lapse of production/service/manufacturing etc
  95. Create a cinemagraph
  96. Tell a funny entertaining story using animation
  97. Host a news panel style Q&A
  98. Create a whiteboard video
  99. Demonstrate/explain a concept using a whiteboard/flip chart
  100. Create a video using drone footage
  101. Host a news panel style Q&A
  102. Run a webinar on a broad topic that is top of mind for your audience
  103. Record a tutorial/how to do something technical/shortcut using little known technique
  104. Create a contrarian video on why a popular topic/opinion is wrong
  105. Encourage clients to record unboxing videos
  106. Create an infographic video
  107. Share what brands to watch for inspiration 
  108. Compare different approaches to your service
  109. Film yourself making a video and use it was background footage with voice over/b-roll
  110. Teach your audience about your area of expertise 
  111. Record how-to tutorials
  112. Show us your workstation
  113. Tell us how you got started
  114. Share a little fun fact about you
  115. Answer what you wish you would have known when you started out in business
  116. Reflect on interesting stories or experiences from your life
  117. Tell us what products, services, or tools your team use often and love
  118. Talk about your successes, failures and what have you learned along your professional journey
  119. Feature the people/your team you work with in a memorable way. Who do you work with? Who helps make your business successful?
  120. Talk about what or who inspires you and why you do what you do
  121. Show examples of how you or your business has grown through the years
  122. Tell us what motivates you
  123. Host a dance off – tik tok style
  124. Share your top 10 tips
  125. Create a fast five video
  126. Create a funny video bloopers compilation
  127. Share an unboxing of gift received and appreciation video
  128. Host a fashion show
  129. Do a fashion/product try ons
  130. Demonstrate different looks ways to use the same product
  131. Promote a client – go live with them or visit their store/office and chat with them about their products/services etc and how you’ve helped them
  132. Walk and talk about any topic
  133. Host an interview with clients/customers, staff, experts etc
  134. Have a live launch – following the sales as they happen, interact with your customers, thank them
  135. Invite us to a  ‘Cooking with’ show
  136. Record a video talking about something whilst doing something else (eg putting on makeup and telling a story)
  137. Answer an objection or assumption your audience might have

Now It’s Your Turn

You have enough video ideas there for more almost three years of weekly videos! 

It’s best to have an overall video strategy in place, and have what you need to record videos or livestream, ready to go. That way, once the inspiration strikes for one of these ideas, there’s nothing stopping you.

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