In the past couple of weeks I have made a conscious effort to step up my game when it comes to creating engaging visual content to include in blog posts and for images to share on social media and I am pleased to announce that creating engaging visual content is not as hard as you may think.
Here are three simple ways that I have been able to create engaging visual content in much less time than you would expect, given the quality of the final results.

1. Create Your Own Stock Images

Sourcing royalty free images for sharing on social media can be time consuming, not to mention expensive. That’s why I suggest that you make your own.
Create Engaging Visual Content - Create Your Own Stock PhotosI went for a lovely 10km walk earlier this week and using my iPhone snapped approximately 20 photos of interesting landscapes, textures and random stuff that I can now use as unique backgrounds to overlay with tips or quotes.
This took zero time at all and if anything made my walk all the more interesting. Here’s one of the images I created and shared whilst still on the walk (with the help of Wordswag App).
The beauty of this tip is that you don’t have to go on a long walk to achieve a similar result. Just be constantly on the lookout for cool images. You may have interesting things you can photograph in your office, home or local area. For example, a coloured brick wall or funky floorboards could make for great background images.
Bonus tip: Upload the photos to a dedicated Dropbox folder as soon as possible after you take them to ensure that they don’t get lost in your camera roll and that you can easily locate them when required, regardless of which device you are on.

2. Pay $1 For An Image

Last week I was creating an image to accompany a post I wrote on LinkedIn’s publishing platform – Using LinkedIn To Create Influence.
Using LinkedIn To Create Influence
Rather than stuffing around trying to create a unique image that accurately reflected my chosen topic area, I went straight to Canva and typed “connections” into the search bar and it provided me with a huge choice of relevant images to use.
I selected the one I liked best for the background, added one of their LinkedIn logo options, overlayed the title of my blog post, then exported the image and added it to my post ready for publishing.
Full job done in a little under five minutes and for a grand expense of US$1 well spent. Yes, you can create engaging visual content using Canva for free, but sometimes paying a little can be well worth the investment.

3. Create An Animated Video

For sometime now I have wanted to create a short video to help promote my Social Media Success online training program, but didn’t feel I had the technical skills to do so.
That was until last week when I discovered PowToon.
Weird name, yes, but awesome product.
In a little under two hours I managed to create this:

You can create watermarked animated videos for free or upgrade to have the watermark removed, as well as unlock additional features, depending upon which plan that you choose.
I think this is an easy way to create engaging visual content that looks like it was made by a pro, but is actually made way quicker and much cheaper than if you did actually call in the experts!
Over to you…
Do you know of any other simple ways to create engaging visual content to share on social media? If so, share them in the comments below.