37 Different Places Your Can Post Your Videos

One misconception about video marketing is that you must block out your calendar for video creation and give time to little else. And that each video is a discrete post, used once and forgotten as you move onto the next.  But reposting videos in more places helps save you time and energy and gives you a better ROI for your video marketing efforts.

So we’ve come up with at least 37 places can you post videos. Platforms that the majority of our small business clients are on and use regularly. Check them out below. 

Video On Your Website

Your website is prime online real estate. The more time people spend there getting to know you and building their trust in you and your business the better.

Here’s 10 places you can use video on your website:

  • Home page video showcasing you, your business, your team etc
  • FAQ videos
  • Videos in your blog posts
  • Videos transcribed as blogs
  • About Us video on your about page
  • Optin page videos – explaining why we should opt-in for your freebie
  • Videos on the thank you page after opting in (e.g. explaining the next steps to get the most out of their freebie or offering an upsell whilst they are there)
  • Videos on the thank you page after purchasing
  • Service description videos on your services pages
  • Testimonial videos throughout your website


During the company’s second-quarter earnings call of 2021, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that “video now accounts for almost half of all time spent on Facebook.”

Here’s the places we see video working the best on Facebook:

  • Video posts to your Facebook page
  • Video posts in Facebook Stories
  • Facebook Live videos on your Facebook page
  • Facebook Page cover video
  • Facebook Live videos into groups (that allow it)
  • Video posts in groups (that allow it)
  • Video on events pages
  • Facebook Live videos into events
  • Videos on your personal profile
  • Videos in Facebook Messenger Chatbot flows
  • Personalised video messages via Facebook Messenger


As Instagram continues to grow, video takes up more and more space in the feed. Mark Zuckerberg commented “…on Instagram, TikTok competitor Reels is the largest contributor to engagement growth”.

This is great news for businesses, as you can share them in multiple ways all in the same app.

Here’s where you can share video on Instagram:

  • IGTV: Videos greater than 1 minute in duration and livestreams. You can save videos into a series so people can watch one after another.
  • Reels: Videos less tha 1 min in duration, but even shorter ones work best (i.e. 7 seconds – 30 seconds).
  • Stories: Videos of up to 15 second snippets per story. You can share your IGTV posts there too.
  • Feed: Videos of up to 1 min and previews of your IGTV.
  • Highlights: Save stories that have a similar theme into highlights to showcase your shorter videos.


Although LonkedIn doesn’t push video into the feed as much as other platforms, it’s still another place you can share your content, and let your connections know more about you and your business.

Here’s where you can share video on LinkedIn:


  • Pins to your blogs with videos
  • Pins to YouTube videos
  • Upload your videos directly to Pinterest


  • Send videos to your email list – a link to your latest Youtube video or the video post on your website with a compelling reason to go and watch it. Fun gifs embeded within emails are great for this.
  • Online Courses

Now It’s Your Turn

With all those places online to share your videos, just choose one of your favourite topics, or a short promo of your latest offer, record it and share it on those platforms that make the most sense for your business. This is the best way to get your business message out there to as many people as possible.

Whilst it’s great to be able to repurpose your video and post it on multiple platforms, make sure that you take into consideration both the content itself and the format of that content and determine whether or not it is appropriate to post on each of the platforms you are considering. For example, if you are posting to stories, then portrait videos are best. However, they don’t translate as well to YouTube or the Instagram and LinkedIn newsfeeds.

AND don’t feel like you have to post EVERYWHERE. Do what you can based on where your ideal audience is likely to be hanging out, balances with your capacity to be in all those places.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get recording and sharing you content with your audience. If you need some help setting up or creating a strategy first you can find more handy resources on our blog page here.

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