Facebook Newsfeed, how to get your newsfeed back, Impactiv8, Loren Bartley, Facebook I want my friends back, Sponsored posts, There has been a lot of discussion of late regarding the recent changes to Facebook Edgerank (the algorithm that Facebook uses to determine what does and doesn’t show up in your Facebook news feed). People are complaining that they are not seeing all the content that they want to and Pages are complaining that their Facebook Page reach has plummeted! You used to be able to rank your newsfeed by “Most Recent” or “Top Stories”. Even that functionality has been taken away from us.
The good news is that there is still a way to take back control of your Facebook newsfeed with these 8 ninja tips and tricks for taking back control of your Facebook newsfeed.
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Here are some handy tips to take back control of your Facebook newsfeed and start seeing more of what you want to see, rather than what Facebook “thinks” you want to see.

1. Interact With Your Favourite People & Pages

Edgerank algorithm , how to control what goes into your Facebook Newsfeed, Who controls your facebook Feed?, The more you ignore the stories a Person or Page share, the less likely you are to see the future stories they share.
The best way to train Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm as to what People and Pages you want to hear more from in your newsfeed is to interact on a regular basis with the stories those People and Pages post. That means clicking Like, commenting on the story or sharing the content with others. The more you do this, the more their content will appear in your newsfeed. So get clicking!

2. Take A Survey To Improve Newsfeed

If you hover over the top left-hand corner of any story in your newsfeed, you will see an arrow appear, which if you click on it will provide you with various options regarding that story, including the option to “take a survey to improve newsfeed”.
You are then provided with 15 stories that you can rate to what extent you wouldn’t want to miss the post and whether or not you would want to see more posts like it.

Take a survey to improve newsfeed - rate posts

Once you complete the survey, you are given the option to rate more posts. Presumably the more you do this, the more Facebook will get an idea of the types of stories you like and don’t like and adjust your newsfeed algorithm accordingly.
Take a survey to improve newsfeed - rate more posts

3. Create Interest Lists

Creating Interest Lists can further assist you in better managing what content you see. You can create Interest Lists related to the various topics you are interested in or subscribe to other people’s Public Interest Lists. When you create or subscribe to an Interest List you see only the best posts from that list in your newsfeed. To see all of the posts, you need to visit the Interests section of your Facebook bookmarks (on the left hand side of your newsfeed when using a desktop or by swiping to the right on your mobile device). Then click the the Interest List name to see all the recent posts and activity from the Pages and People in that list.
To add a Page to an Interest List, visit the Page you would like to add and then click on the wheel symbol under the Cover Image. Select “Add to Interest Lists” and then select the appropriate Interest List or create a new list to add the Page to.
It is possible to add Pages to Interest Lists without actually Liking the Page. This can be a good option if you don’t want to see stories from those Pages all the time or if you don’t want that Page to know that you are following their content, such as may be the case with some of your competitors. You can then visit those Lists only when you need to access information relevant to that particular interest, therefore de-cluttering your main newsfeed of that information at all other times.

4. Page Only Newsfeed

If you want to see only the posts of the Pages you have Liked, then you can got to: https://www.facebook.com/pages/feed. This will show recent updates from Pages you’ve Liked as a separate newsfeed. However, unfortunately this isn’t any ever single post – again it’s just the stories that Facebook determines you are more likely to want to see. You can also navigate to your Page only newsfeed via the “Pages Feed” icon in the left-hand navigation of your Facebook Page on desktop.

5. Notification Settings For Pages

How to turn on notifications on Facebook, How to turn off notifications on Facebook.If you are are super keen to hear everything that a particular Page posts, then Facebook has answered your prayers with the “Get Notifications”. To be notified every time a particular Page posts, visit that Page or hover over the Page avatar as it appears in your newsfeed. Then hover over the “Liked” button and click “Get Notifications”.
You will then receive a notification via the globe icon at the top of Facebook every time that Page posts. Whilst this may seem like a great idea, it will no doubt drive you mad if you set this for every Page you have Liked, so use this feature sparingly so that you don’t find yourself getting sick of those Pages that you currently love.
How to follow posts on Facebook_How to unfollow posts on FacebookAs well as getting notification every time a Page posts, you can also get notifications every time someone comments on a Page post thread. You can achieve this by going to the post of interest in your newsfeed and selecting “Follow Post” from the drop down options available on the top right hand side of the post from your desktop.

6. Other Notification Settings

If you go into your Notification Settings, you have the option to choose what and how you are notified of Facebook activity. This includes:

  • Activity that involves you
  • Close friend activity
  • Tags
  • Followers
  • Pages you manage
  • Group activity
  • App requests and activity

You can also choose how you are notified, whether that be on Facebook, email or via push notifications. If you visit Facebook regularly, then my tip here would be to only enable notifications on Facebook. Email and push notifications are just overkill and will keep dragging you back into Facebook when your time might perhaps be better spent doing other things. 🙂

7. Hide Content, Report As Spam or Unlike A Page (Or Two Or Many)

If a particular story in your newsfeed is not to your liking, you can “Hide” that content or “Report Story As Spam”. Selecting “Hide” further trains Facebook as to what type of content you don’t like. If it was a person that had shared that content, then you have the opportunity to “change what updates you get” from that person, as well as “organise who you see in newsfeed” after you have selected “Hide”. If it was a Page, then Facebook gives you the option to either “Hide all stories” from the Page or “Unlike” the Page. My opinion on this one is that if you are going to go to the effort of hiding all the stories from a Page, then you may as well “Unlike” the Page.
It is good practice to take a moment or two every now and then to determine which of the Pages you Like are continuing to provide valuable content to you on a regular basis. There is a good chance that there are some Pages that you Liked for the sole purpose of entering a competition or on the promise of them sharing awesome discounts (or something else that floated your boat at the time) and they just haven’t lived up to all the hype. Those Pages are clogging up your newsfeed and restricting you from seeing what may be more valuable content from other Pages (such as Impactiv8), so do both yourself and the Page a favour by “Unliking” them (not Impactiv8’s though).
Whilst not all Page owners will agree, you are actually doing those Pages a favour as your lack of interest and engagement if effecting their “People Talking About This” metric. This is a public facing metric and if the number is low in relation to the number of people that have Liked the Page, then you may be putting off potential Page Likers from Liking that Page, as well as decreasing the chances of their stories showing up in the newsfeed of other fans because Facebook determines that it is boring as a result of few people engaging with their stories on a regular basis. I have always believed that having fewer, more engaged Likers if far better than having loads of Likers that have little or no interest in your business.

8. Friend Lists, Close Friends, Acquaintances & Unfriends

The easiest way to access a full list of your “Friends” and update your relationship with them is to go to: https://www.facebook.com/InsertYourPersonalFacebookUserName/friends (cut and paste this link and sub in your personal Facebook username) and you will be presented with a full list of your Facebook Friends. You can then hover over the “Friends” button and select those friends that you would like to hear more from in your newsfeed as “Close Friends” or add them to a list if you would prefer to see their stories via a list. As well as hearing more from those people in your newsfeed, you will be notified each time they post. This is likely to get annoying, but you can turn these notifications off.
How to unfriend someone on Facebook, Facebook Lists, How to create Facebook Lists,
For those people that you accepted a “friends” request from so as not to hurt their feelings, but you are not interested in hearing all about their daily [insert: cat, dog, kids, partner as appropriate] dramas, then Facebook has made the “Acquaintances” option your new best friend. Follow the same process for “Close Friends”, but categorise these people as “Acquaintances” instead and you will rarely see their stories [AKA: drama] in your newsfeed. As an added bonus, you can also choose to exclude these people when you post something by choosing Friends except Acquaintances in the audience selector – magic!
It may seem harsh, but there is always the “Unfriend” option if you are feeling brave! Go on, do it. I know you want to!!!
Facebook also makes smart lists available that automatically update based on information you have in common such as school, job or location. You can also create custom lists to organise friends as you like. You choose who goes into these lists and what (if any) privacy restrictions apply. One of the great benefits of Friends Lists is that people don’t get notified when you add them to a list, so you don’t have to worry about offending anyone.

We can’t entirely by-pass Facebooks’ Edgerank algorithm, but we can train it (to some extent) and use some of these work-arounds above to ensure we see more of the stories we want to see in our newsfeed and less of those we don’t.

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If you are a Page Admin and are frustrated that you are not achieving the same results you used to due to the recent changes in Facebook’s edgerank algorithm, then perhaps you should consider learning the strategies, tips and tools that are most profitable on Facebook NOW!
Do you have any additional tips for taking back control of your newsfeed? If so, please share them in the comments below.