Facebook Pages vs Facebook Profile
Chances are you use Facebook for a combination of business and personal reasons, so how do you separate the two?  Most people are starting to understand the difference between Facebook profiles and Facebook pages for how they choose to share content, but many people I speak to still consume the information that business pages provide via their personal newsfeed rather than their business newsfeed.
I too was guilty of this a while back and felt myself constantly being drawn back into business during my down-time as a result.  That was until I took the “unsocial” position of “un-liking” all of the pages that related to my business and “liking” them again via my business page. As a result, I now consume business information via my business page news feed during work time and personal information in my own time.  I am so happy with the results that will never go back!
How to choose between your personal profile facebook feed and your Facebook Business PageFor those that I have confused already, your “personal newsfeed” is the stream of stories that appear when you are logged in as yourself and you click on the Facebook logo in the top lefthand side of the blue Facebook banner at the top of the page. These stories relate to all the people you are friends with and all the pages you have liked. If you want to see your “business newsfeed”, then you need to firstly switch to your business profile, which you do by clicking on the down arrow to the right of the word “home” on the top right hand side of the blue Facebook banner at the top of the page and then selecting your business page.  If you click on the Facebook logo once you have switched to operate as your page, then you will see your “business newsfeed”.  These stories relate to all the pages your business has liked.
Why is liking other pages as your page rather than as your profile a good strategy?

1. Separate your business and personal life on Facebook

Whilst “liking” pages through your personal profile is a fantastic way to find out the latest news related to your business the minute it is shared, it does nothing for your social life.  When I “liked” a lot of pages related to my business through my personal profile I used to find that when I wanted to go onto Facebook in my personal time to communicate and share with friends I would get dragged into work. Under the “personal” liking strategy, I would often feel compelled to drop everything and share the latest business news or respond to a story the minute I saw it during my personal time.  Alternatively, I would have to try and remember the story, email the link to myself or do something else to remind me of it when on work time.

By switching to a “page” rather than a “personal” liking strategy, it allows you to turn off from business and still enjoy the benefits of Facebook of an evening, weekends, days off and when on holidays (assuming you get any of them).

2. Share your business “newsfeed” amongst all page administrators

If you are following all the pages relevant to your business from your business page, then that information is shared amongst all page administrators via your business page newsfeed.  This is handy when sharing posting responsibilities or when handing over your page when you are on leave. You can then advise staff to check the newsfeed at a frequency that suits your business and then share the most relevant stories with your audience. By ensuring your business only likes relevant pages with quality content, then you can be more confident that relevant quality content will be shared when other people are given this responsibility.

3. Schedule Facebook business times and set boundaries

Schedule time in your diary to check your business newsfeed, join in conversations, share content and update your status – and stick to it!  This may be once a day for 30min or 10min three times a day to be more timely in your engagement.  Whatever works for you.  During that time you switch to your business page, get the work done and then switch it off again – boundaries can do wonders for your productivity!

4. Comment and share as your page

As you need to switch over to your page to read to your business newsfeed, you will automatically be operating as your page should you choose to comment or share any of the information that you read.  This saves time switching between profiles or having to choose share “on your page” when sharing content. It also reduces the chance of accidentally posting business information to your personal newsfeed and annoying your friends.

5. Increase awareness of your page and business

Commenting as your page rather than as yourself has many benefits including increasing the profile of your business, increasing the visibility of your businesses Facebook page and positioning your business as an industry expert (assuming your comments are insightful). As a result, you are more likely to gain greater reach and additional “likes” for your page.  People and pages are also more likely to comment back on your posts if you are responding to theirs, so this can lead to greater engagement on your page.

6. Tailor newsfeeds to each Page you administer

If you have multiple Facebook pages for different aspects of your business (e.g. one for portrait photography and one for wedding photography), then you can customise each of the newsfeeds as relevant to those market segments to ensure the news you share and the stories you are commenting on are more targeted.

7. Ability to ignore

It is a reality of any thriving business that sometimes you just have too much on your plate and you have to drop the ball on something for a bit.  On these occasions you may decide that you just don’t have time to keep up-to-date with what is going on external to your business at that point in time.  This strategy allows for an easy solution – just don’t read your business newsfeed.

8. Save time

By removing all of the business pages from your personal news feed you don’t have to double up on news that appears in both your personal and business newsfeeds.  This can result in a significant time saving and who couldn’t do with more time in their day?
Now that I have given you all the reasons why you should adopt this strategy, there are a couple of things to note:

  • When you like a page as a page it does not increase the number of “likes” that page has.  If that page then “likes” you in return, then this will not increase the number of people that “like” your page.  However, you should be focusing more on how many people are “talking about this” (your Facebook page) rather than how many people “like” your page, so this shouldn’t be an issue as increasing engagement with your page is a key part of this strategy.
  • At present, you cannot access your business page newsfeed from your mobile device.  I live in hope that the next Facebook app update will incorporate this feature or alternatively someone will develop an app with this functionality.
  • If you need to be informed of the latest news from certain businesses via Facebook as soon as it happens anytime of day, then you should include them in both your page and personal profile to ensure you receive this information immediately regardless of which newsfeed you are reading at the time. I must admit that there are a few key pages that I just can’t do without and have liked on both, but the majority are through my page only now.

I would be interested to know what you think of this strategy. Will you switch from a personal to page liking strategy? Or have you already adopted this strategy?  If so, what do you see as the pros and cons?  Share your experiences in the comments below.