There’s no getting around it – customer video testimonials matter. 

But you knew that already, right? Just why are they so important though? Well, basically it’s because people trust other people more than they trust you. 

What you say about yourself is an opinion. What someone else says about you is a considered more of a fact, especially when delivered by video. 

It’s a basic part of human psychology. We’re social creatures and great testimonials tell people that your product or service is not only legitimate, but is so good that people will put their face and name to it. Here are some stats on just how much they matter. 

Video testimonials are an essential tool of influence for people that still need some convincing. They may have objections that need to be resolved before they’ll go any further, especially for high ticket items. 

They may want to hear the individual stories behind why people purchased – how exactly did your product or service help them?

Some examples of great testimonials

BOOM by Cindy Joseph

Boom has turned using customer testimonials for killer ad content into a science. They use a range of different customer avatars to represent the different types of customers. 

Angela Watson

Here’s a video we created for our client Angela Watson as part of a course launch. All the videos were shot using mobile, which makes for a more engaging experience. People see themselves in the videos and it feels native to the platform.

Who should I ask for testimonials?

This is a common question, but the answer is pretty simple – Ask your Superfans!

Think about the people that engage with every Facebook post you create or those that purchase every product on launch day. 

Happy customers are great but it’s your Superfans that will really convince others of just how good your brand is. For many of them, they’ll be happy to be in front of the camera and to know they’ve been able to help with your brand’s mission. 

THESE are your strongest resource as a brand and are often an underused resource in getting new customers into your funnel. 

Do I need to incentivise people for reviews?

This really depends on your audience and how engaged they are with your brand and product. Your biggest Superfans will quite often be happy to do so for that warm fuzzy feeling they get in exchange for being able to help you out, but as a result of the WIIFM culture we live in, you may find that you will get more take up if you provide some sort of incentive. 

So, how can you incentivise people to provide reviews? The easiest solution is to give them some sort of freebie. Anything of value to your audience will work here, from an exclusive digital download, a t-shirt or a voucher in exchange for people sharing their experiences in a video. 

The value of the content will far outweigh the cost of anything that you give as a freebie. 

You can incorporate requesting a review on your site or a testimonial in exchange for a $10 credit towards their next purchase as part of your post-purchase follow up emails. This will build a steady flow of User Generated Content that you can then use for future marketing activities. 

How do I film testimonials?

Getting it perfect can be an impediment to getting it done. It’s best to get something rather than trying to create a Hollywood level production. Budget also shouldn’t hold you back. Whether you do it yourself, hire a crew or have your audience submit their own testimonials, there’s always a way.

Using a production team

Record your testimonial video in a location that makes sense for your business. This might be your office, your client’s office or somewhere where you can feature your products and/or branding. Having a two point camera setup and studio lighting can add a really professional touch to the video. It’s a good idea to give clients an opportunity to have a read over the questions you’ll be asking so they can prepare in advance. 

By using a production team, they will be able to do most of the work and allow you to concentrate on running your business. It’s the most hands-off approach which means that it is also the most expensive. But you will end up with a really professional looking video that should pay for itself over time. 

Be sure to give them a solid brief though. You don’t want to have to redo everything because you didn’t get the right source material.  

Do it yourself

Do you have a decent camera and microphone? Know how to set up lighting and frame your shot? Try it out! This is the middle tier of effort.

It’s never been easier to take a hands-on approach and get a result you can be proud of. Just pay attention to lighting and sound. If you don’t have decent source material, it doesn’t matter how good your editing skills are

User generated

The key to this working is for it to be raw and relatable. It should feel like a real person and the selfie-style feel is the best way to achieve this. Think of those videos you see on Facebook that are filmed in a car or in a domestic situation. It feels like it could be a friend or family member behind the camera. 

These reviews add authenticity by having other people saying how good your product or service is. It is a POWERFUL tool of influence and because of this, it is a strategy we use with many of the brands we run ads for. 

What questions or information should I ask in the review?

You don’t get second chances with this so getting all the information into a single video is important. The quality of what you get out of this project is defined by the questions you ask. We want to make sure we can elicit enough information to really use the footage to its full advantage. The ** questions are the most important.

1) Introduce yourself and where you’re from. 

2) When did you first hear about XXXX?

3) What were your concerns or objections before purchasing XXXX? **

4) Can you tell us more about your emotional state before buying XXXX? What specific problems were you looking to solve? **

5) Specifically, how has your life changed or improved since using XXXXX? **

6) If you were to recommend XXXX to others, what would you tell them? **

It’s important to get permission (in writing) to use these videos for marketing purposes. To ensure you don’t skip this important step, make sure you include that as part of your content submission process.

How do people send me their testimonials?

Via email

Are your customers comfortable with recording a video and then sending an email? Remember, you’re asking something of your users so It’s important to make it as easy as possible, especially those that aren’t tech-savvy. This walkthrough is pretty handy for breaking down the process. 

Via software solutions

Impactiv8 uses custom software to request, record and store videos from customers. We then use motion graphics and subtitle the videos to make them really ‘pop’ for social media. Talk to us today if you’re looking for an end to end solution. 

There you have it! This should get you well on your way to securing those all important reviews and making sure your business can secure a steady flow of new leads.