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The Impactiv8 team is made up of experienced and passionate digital marketing experts. We are committed to helping our clients grow their businesses profitably through the use of effective digital marketing strategies.


    because we know digital.

    We Are Experts

    Our in-house team is comprised of experts who live and breathe digital marketing. They are constantly researching and testing the best in social media’s latest technology and trends.

    We Use Best Practice

    Digital marketing is about being strategic. We take the time to understand your business needs and create a marketing strategy that gets the results you want.

    We Know Business

    Our clients span every industry and every size, but our specialty is getting great results for small businesses. Because we know that every big business started as a small one.

    Impactiv8 was born to grow…

    In 2011, Loren Bartley saw many business owners struggling with overwhelm and confusion when it came to harnessing the power of digital marketing to generate more leads and sales. So she made it her personal mission to help alleviate that pain.

    Impactiv8 now comprises of a team of highly experienced and innovative digital marketing experts, with dedicated specialists in the areas of Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Website Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Messenger Marketing, Copywriting, Video Production, Photography, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing Automation and much more.

    Over the years, Impactiv8 has developed a reputation for being at the cutting edge of digital marketing.

    We’re best known for the awesome results we can achieve for clients using Facebook and Google Ads. But what most people don’t realise is that we’re able to achieve those results because of all the other work we do in the background with our clients to make sure that those ads achieve the best possible return on investment.

    We’re also dedicated to finding the emerging trends and tools that will be the next digital marketing game-changers. Every time we do, we share that information with our clients, Click Engage Convert Academy members, subscribers and social media followers.

    The Impactiv8 team are all Melbourne based, with our headquarters at Business Addicts Coworking in Hoppers Crossing, Australia.

    It’s time to meet the Impactiv8 team…


    What She Does: Provides the overall digital marketing strategy for our clients and ensures that every project gets done to our usual high standards. She's also the brains behind the Click Engage Convert Academy and loves to create tailor-made training programs, and speak at events and conference on all things digital marketing. 

    What Makes Her Tick: Dreaming up and testing new business and marketing initiatives, as well as learning and sharing best digital marketing strategies, tactics and tools with other businesses. 

    The Backstory: Loren is a #BusinessAddict with 25+ years experience helping businesses leverage technology, build communities and achieve success. She has a Masters in Business and a passion for teaching, something she has done in every role she has ever had, whether that be as a lifeguard trainer or CEO. 

    Her Cafe Guilty Pleasure: A sparkling mineral water to go, so she can spend more time stand up paddleboarding.


    What She Does: Our resident wordsmith, graphic designer and editor who jumps between writing email marketing campaigns, Facebook ads and designing websites.

    What Makes Her Tick: She loves to go head on into a project, managing everything from the copywriting, graphics, email marketing, website, sales pages and everything that connects them.

    The Backstory: Liz has over 20 years experience in media and publishing, including a degree in Professional Writing. She started work in a newsroom straight out of school, and has worked in content creation her whole life, since before it was a 'thing'.

    She specialises in copywriting, campaign management, graphic design and editing, but also has a knack for managing events, designing websites and building out online campaigns.  

    Her Cafe Guilty Pleasure: Almond latte with smashed avo and feta on sourdough.


    What She Does: Everything to do with Google Ads.

    What Makes Her Tick: Making the Google Ads space a better place! Mel has worked with Google Ads since 2006. Currently a Google Premier Partner, she has been in the Google Partner program since 2009. Having managed over 1.8 billion ad impressions, 23.5 million clicks and 1.1 million Google Ad conversions, Mel approaches each campaign on the basis that ‘if it were my money, and my business what would I do next’. She genuinely cares about getting the best possible ROI from every Google Ads campaign she works on and getting great feedback from clients is what makes her tick.

    The Backstory: With a Science degree from the University of Melbourne and nearly 30 years of experience working in sales and marketing roles, Mel loves how Google Ads management combines understanding how Google works with understanding marketing and the importance of analysing results to make improvements. Aside from Google Ads, Mel is a passionate grand slam tennis fan, loves watching sunsets and adores her pet greyhound.

    Her Cafe Guilty Pleasure: Gluten free toast with a side of bacon and a side of avocado.


    What She Does: Jenny is an experienced mentor, communicator, and creative, using words to help clients share their awesome message to their target audience, to promote their products and services.

    What Makes Her Tick: Her vision is to help clients have a positive impact in the world by showing them how to reach and connect with the target market through SEO copywriting, email marketing, video marketing and social media. When she’s not working, she loves watching makeup videos on youtube, seeking out fashion for the vertically challenged, and op shopping for vintage baskets.

    The Backstory: Over the last three decades, Jenny has worked with thousands of people across multiple industries, using her talents in communication and presentation, facilitation, mentoring, learning and development.

    Her Cafe Guilty Pleasure: Sticky date pudding.


    What He Does: Joseph is a videographer, photographer and high level digital marketing content creator, with exceptional skills when it comes to creating highly engaging content that is more likely to go viral.

    What Makes Him Tick: Through his videography and photography, Joseph loves to create strong, engaging stories for others to experience, impacting a large audience through different media channels. He thrives by being immersed in a creative environment, supported by a high-performing team of like-minded individuals.

    The Backstory: Joseph’s education includes both screen media studies, as well as business and marketing. This knowledge, combined with his strong creative background, enables him to be able to assist clients to come up with content ideas, storyboard those concepts and then either create the content on their behalf or step them through the end-to-end video content creation process so that they can create the content themselves.

    His Cafe Guilty Pleasure: Can’t turn down an Eggs Benedict with a mango smoothie on the side!

    Awards & Recognition

    Impactiv8 is an Award-Winning Agency


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