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Meet the

Impactiv8 Team

Our team has been hand-picked for their expertise, so we can be your go-to for everything digital marketing.


because we know digital.

We Are Experts

Our in-house team is comprised of experts who live and breathe digital marketing. They are constantly researching and testing the best in social media’s latest technology and trends.

We Use Best Practice

Digital marketing is about being strategic. We take the time to understand your business needs and create a marketing strategy that gets the results you want.

We Know Business

Our clients span every industry and every size, but our specialty is getting great results for small businesses. Because we know that every big business started as a small one.

Impactiv8 was born to grow…

In 2011, Loren Bartley saw so many business owners dealing with overwhelm and confusion when it came to harnessing social media for building more business. So she made it her personal mission to help alleviate that pain.

Seven years later, Impactiv8 now has a team of 8 exceptional digital marketing, design, photography and video production experts. The team at Impactiv8 works out of our office in Hoppers Crossing, Melbourne, Australia.

Over the years, Impactiv8 has developed a reputation for being at the cutting edge of social media and online marketing. We are dedicated to finding the emerging trends and tools that will be the next digital marketing game-changers. Every time we do, we share that information with our clients, subscribers and social media followers.

It’s time to meet the Impactiv8 team…


What She Does: Provides the overall strategy for our clients and ensures that every project gets done to our usual high standards. She also creates tailor-made training programs and speaks at events and conference on all things digital marketing. 

What Makes Her Tick: Dreaming up and testing new business and marketing initiatives, and learning and sharing best social media and online marketing strategies.

The Backstory: Loren is a #BusinessAddict with 20+ years helping businesses leverage technology, build communities and achieve success. She has a Masters in Business and a passion for teaching, something she has done in every role she has ever had, whether that be as a lifeguard trainer or CEO. 

Her Cafe Guilty Pleasure: A bottle of Kombucha and Peanut Butter Protein Balls.


What She Does: Handles everything Facebook Ads, from strategy to image design and conversion copywriting, as well as tech, tools and automation for clients and Impactiv8. 

What Makes Her Tick: Nerding out on the latest tech, tools, and trends that make marketing more effective for small businesses.

The Backstory: 7+ years working in marketing, with 2 years working as a Marketing Manager in the tourism industry. 5+ years as a freelance marketing consultant specialising in Facebook advertising, sales funnels, product launches and website conversion rate optimisation. 

Her Cafe Guilty Pleasure: Chai Latte and cheesecake, or mud cake or anything cake really! 


What She Does: She keeps everything ticking along in the background with business and client projects.

What Makes Her Tick: Using technology to optimise processes, online presence and strategy, and creating innovative design that real clients can identify with.

The Backstory: After 10 years in media and publishing specialising in copywriting, graphic design and editing, she then turned her hand to a communications management role for 6 years where she managed events, websites, design and everything in between.  

Her Cafe Guilty Pleasure: Latte and matcha mint slice.


What She Does: Handles client accounts and projects including email marketing, content creation and graphic design.

What Makes Her Tick: Developing strong relationships with clients, which helps her to develop innovative campaigns to meet their needs.

The Backstory: A trained Graphic Designer working at Impactiv8 for the past 6 years, managing the marketing communications for one of our clients, the Australian Leisure Facilities Association’s the whole time. 

Her Cafe Guilty Pleasure: Skinny Latte and a Banh Mi.


What She Does: Takes gorgeous photos, designs stunning social media content and curates gorgeous Instagram feeds. Caz is the creative genius behind our client’s social media campaigns.

What Makes Her Tick: Creating beautifully styled product photos that will have your ideal customers aching to buy!

The Backstory: 6+ years working in the fashion industry, running a freelance photography business and online children’s clothing store Desert Island Brand. She became a pro at using Instagram to build a huge community of engaged followers.

Her Cafe Guilty Pleasure: Eggs on toast and a Bloody Mary (Virgin of course).


What She Does: Janine works collaboratively with the team on a diverse range of projects and loves helping clients and colleagues alike to achieve their objectives. Janine enjoys getting her teeth into optimising websites for conversions and designing email marketing funnels.

What Makes Her Tick: With a passion for all things marketing and creativity, Janine thrives on a challenge. She also loves streamlining processes and increasing efficiency for Impactiv8 and clients. 

The Backstory: Janine has worked in marketing, events and business administration for almost 30 years, including leading global companies,  SMEs and not-for-profit organisations, and managing her own businesses.

Her Cafe Guilty Pleasure: Latte and a lemon tart.


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