I have been doing a lot of social media presentations for businesses of late and a couple of weeks ago in one of the presentations I was giving I experienced a bunch of Facebook Angries.
You know the type… Those people that are angry at Facebook for various reasons.
These were some of the comments I was hearing from within the group:

Why does Facebook keep on changing. I can’t keep up!
My post reach has dropped significantly and I can’t work out why!
It’s not fair that Facebook is now making us pay for our promotional posts to be seen by our fans!

There were many more, but you get the picture.
Regardless of the source of their anger, in all cases it boiled down to the fact that they didn’t understand how to use Facebook in a manner that would make it profitable for their business (until the the end of the presentation that was, by which time I had set then straight).
They were angry at Facebook.
Or as I like to call it… FANGRY!!!
Are you FANGRY?
Being FANGRY is not a nice way to live your life.
For one it is a waste of energy.
Secondly it usually results in you giving up on using Facebook as a way to market your business.
And ultimately, as a result of this, your business suffers.
That suffering comes in the form of less leads, sales and repeat sales for your business.
Not to mention missing out on the power of advocacy that comes when you use Facebook to build a highly engaged and passionate audience around your business.
Are you FANGRY?
If so, I have a few things that will help you…

What’s Working On Facebook NOW! Webinar Replay

Find out what's working on Facebook NOW - Loren - Replay
I conducted a webinar on “What’s Working On Facebook NOW!” last week. As this webinar was a lead generation tool for my FB Business Success NOW! online training program (which was due to commence today), the webinar replay was due to come down today also. But I have been sick for the past week, so I have delayed the start of this program for a fortnight. Therefore you get another chance to watch this if you haven’t already. My misfortunate circumstances become your fortune. 🙂

What’s Working On Facebook NOW! eBook

What's working on Facebook NOW!
If you don’t have time to watch the webinar (or if you missed the replay), then grab a copy of the What’s Working On Facebook NOW! eBook.
In this eBook I have chunked down what was presented on the webinar into smaller bite sized pieces to make it easily consumable (including lots of pictures). So you could safely read this eBook during your lunch break today and still have time to check out what all your friends are up to on social media – promise!
Give it a go!

Facebook 2015 #BusinessAddicts Podcast Episode

Loren Bartley Facebook 2015
If you don’t have time to watch a video, then you can receive similar content on-the-go by listening the the most recent #BusinessAddicts The Podcast episode on Facebook 2015. In this episode I cover a lot of the points discussed in the webinar.

FB Business Success NOW! Online Training Program

But by far the best option is to sign up for my FB Business Success NOW! online training program. Not only will I be commencing the live training for this on Thursday 11th June 2015, I will be also putting the price up for this program by another $100 as soon as the first live session has been conducted.
When you join the FB Business Success NOW! online training program you gain lifetime program access. That means that you get access to the most up-to-date training on how to leverage the power of Facebook to make it more profitable for your business both now and for every future update that I make to the program. Based on how often Facebook changes, that means I am usually updating the program and releasing all new content at least twice a year.
FB Business Success NOW!As part of this latest content launch there will be four fortnightly live sessions held online at:
12-1:30pm, Thursday 11 June 2015
12-1:30pm, Thursday 25 June 2015
12-1:30pm, Thursday 9 July 2015
12-1:30pm, Thursday 23 July 2015
Should you not be able to attend any of the live sessions, then you will be able to access the replays shortly after each session via the Impactiv8 training portal. There are also loads of other bonuses in this training portal, including links to tools and other valuable resources that will assist you in achieving Facebook business success. This also includes additional bonus training videos related to Facebook and using social media for business in general.
You will also get exclusive access to the Impactiv8 Business Community, which is a private Facebook group for anyone that undertakes any of the Impactiv8 online training programs. In this group you get to ask me your most burning Facebook questions 24/7 for the lifetime of the program!
In addition to this I will be holding regular live Q&A sessions where we can dive even deeper into answering your Facebook questions specific to your business.
These bonus features alone are well worth the cost of the program.
I do hope that you join me in the FB Business Success NOW! online training program so you can stop being FANGRY.
If you have already joined the program or you have any FANGRY mates, then please feel free to share this with those FANGRIES. Not only will it help them learn how to leverage the power of Facebook to make it more profitable for their business, but it will also make your life better, as you won’t have to put up with their whinging anymore, as FANGRIES aren’t much fun to be around. 🙂