Are you the kind of person that wakes up in the morning and thinks to yourself “what on earth am I going to post on social media today?”
Does your social media community regularly go days on end without hearing from you?

Truth Bomb: Social media content sharing is usually not very effective when done ad hoc and last minute.

To be effective on social media, you need to provide loads of free, valuable content on a regular and consistent basis to your social media communities. This strategy can build trust, credibility, authority, relationships, connection, belonging and much more, depending upon how you wish to position yourself and the type of content that you are sharing.
But let’s face it, creating awesome content on a regular and consistent basis is time consuming!
Best Social Media Content Sourcing ToolsHowever, you don’t have to spend hours on end creating the world’s best blog post to achieve social media success. In fact, you can still build trust, credibility, authority, relationships, connection and a sense of belonging within your social media communities, without ever creating content yourself! This is possible provided that you are sourcing and sharing loads of free, valuable content on a regular and consistent basis to your social media communities.
NOTE: Whilst this is possible, I still think you should create your own content, as you will achieve these benefits much quicker and in greater proportions if you do, plus there are other other additional benefits of creating your own content, such as SEO benefits, demonstration of expertise, etc.
Where feasible, I recommend sharing a mix of the awesome content you create, along with valuable content that other people create. Here are my favourite tools for sourcing the best content to share on social media.

Best Social Media Content Sourcing Tools


Feedly is the perfect content sourcing tool for me as it allows you to develop a personalised magazine based on your interests. You simply add your favourite websites into Feedly, swipe through your content feed, read those articles that spark your interest and then social share them straight from within the app if you like. I especially love Feedly because it integrates with other tools I use like Buffer, Hootsuite, Pocket and Evernote (amongst many others).

The New Feedly Mobile from Feedly on Vimeo.


Buzzsumo allows you to find engaging content by curating the content that is getting the most shares across social media. You can filter by content type, categories and time period, as well as seeing what content is doing well on which platforms and who it has been shared by.
Using Buzzsumo works on the premise that content that has been shared a lot by others is likely to perform well when you share it also. This is usually the case, provided you target the content you are sourcing to what resonates well with your community.

Social Media Lists

I don’t recommend using your regular social media newsfeeds as your primary content source as they are not targeted enough, may be effected by algorithms or may be too busy or move too fast to allow you to catch the best content. You will also waste a lot of precious time wading through updates about what your friends had for breakfast, as well as potentially getting pulled down a rabbit hole or 100 as you see the new shoes your best friend just purchased.
Instead, I suggest creating lists on Twitter or Facebook (or both) of those social media accounts that you know regularly share content gold. If you share a broad range of content, then I suggest creating multiple lists around different topics or interests. You can then dip into those lists as appropriate on a regular basis to uncover those gems.
If you want to keep your content discovery goldmine a secret, then make sure that you create private lists.


Whilst not technically a content sourcing tool, Pocket is worthy of mention here.
If you are anything like me and seem to discover great content at the most inconvenient times, then you will love Pocket. Pocket allows you to take things that you find online and save them in an organised manner so they are available to view at a more convenient time and from any device either on or offline. It also integrates with loads of popular apps.

Facebook “Save” Feature

The Facebook “Save” feature allows you to save the content you see in your newsfeed for later viewing, either on the web or your mobile device. What you can save is limited to links, places, music, books, movies and TV shows on Facebook. Whilst this is useful for Facebook specific content, I prefer to save links to Pocket so that I am not housing my content sources in too many different places.


I find Hashtags a great discovery tool in my personal time, but I must admit that the level of success I have with them for business can be hit and miss. However, I feel they are worthy of note in this list of social media content sourcing tools as they can be particularly useful for finding breaking news (especially on Twitter) and that might be important in your business. You can find out more about using Hashtags for business here.

Any Other Social Media Content Sourcing Tools?

Over to you…
Are there any other social media content sourcing tools that you recommend? If so, share them in the comments below, along with why you like them so much.