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4 Reasons Your List Building Efforts are Not Converting

Do you sometimes feel like all the effort you're putting into your list building is in vain? Are you frustrated by the low number of sales that are trickling in from your email marketing efforts? We see this a lot when we undertake digital marketing audits for new...

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Using Hashtags For Business: What Hashtags Should I Use?

Is your business actively using hashtags on social media? A lot has changed recently in terms of how you should best use hashtags on social media. Having a clear hashtag strategy needs to be an integral part of your business’s social media plan if you want to stay in...

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How to Setup Facebook Business Manager

How to setup Facebook Business Manager for your business Setting up Facebook Business Manager is recommended if you want to assign any of your Facebook Page or Facebook Ad Account assets to other people or agencies and remain in control of those assets. This short...

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Facebook Live Broadcast: The Ultimate Guide For Businesses

Considering doing a Facebook Live Broadcast? We are in the middle of a live video revolution at the moment, where everyone has the ability to go live via their platform of choice, with Facebook Live now the dominant platform. Periscope has fallen in popularity since...

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Simple To Use Video Creation Tools

Video is going nuts on social media these days, particularly Facebook. So to assist you in creating more video for sharing on social media, I have compiled a list of my favourite simple to use video creation tools. [Tweet "Simple to use video creation tools that will...

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