How does blogging help make my business money?
Blogging helps businesses to make more money! But how? Read on…
I recently wrote a post Blogging Helps My Business By… to reflect on how blogging has helped my business and why I choose to blog. In putting together that post I was mindful that they were my reasons alone and I was keen to see how they compared to the reasons of other blogger, so I asked fellow bloggers to finish this sentence “Blogging helps my business by…”
Whilst my initial intention was to include all of the responses, I received more responses than I could share in this post (without you reading this post all day) and there was some level of repetition of reasons amongst bloggers (which is to be expected). So I have selected a few to give a good cross-section of responses (my apologies to anyone that missed out).

Blogging Helps Businesses By…

Here are some of the ways that blogging helps businesses:

  • Elly Klein from Elly Klein – Blogging helps my business by “giving people a free taste of my humorous style of writing, after which they’re more likely to buy my cheeky relationship advice book, Men Are Like a Box of Chocolates, book me to host their hen’s night or ask me to write an article or column for them.”
  • Nathalie Brown from Easy Peasy Kids – Blogging helps my business by “creating a honest and personal relationship with my readers and an insight into my world.”
  • Tonya Grant from The Crafty Mummy – Blogging helps my business by “giving me a place to share, teach and showcase my craftiness!”
  • Kim Abbate from Working Women Australia – Blogging help my business by “connecting me with amazing individuals and brands who would be otherwise out of reach.”
  • Kylah Morrison from Zest e-Biz – Blogging helps my business by “building my community by connecting regularly with existing and potential clients, or those who are just interested in learning more about business excellence via non-conventional means.”
  • Kris Emery from Kris Emery – Blogging helps my business by “allowing me to express myself, which is the tenet I’m passing on to my people for their own lives. It allows me to walk my talk.”
  • Jared Lamorte from Squirrel Social – Blogging helps my business by “allowing me to showcase my knowledge in a given field, thereby making me the resident guru in my local area.”
  • Jeanie Irving from Inspired Wish – Blogging helps my business by “helping me create a voice for my message. And get better at telling my story. To inspire women to embrace their body (curves and all), to explore style & fashion.”
  • Johanna from Zigazag – Blogging helps my business by providing “a platform for my writing which adds to my credibility as a freelance writer. It serves to advertise the writing workshops that I facilitate. It gives a glimpse into the ‘real me’ which garners trust and helps people decide whether they would like to work with me. Zigazag is a trusted resource for where to go, and what to see in Western Australia and because it helps people decide where to go on holiday, it helps establish me as an authority in WA.”

So How Does A Blog Make Money?

Throughout the responses received and the subsequent discussions I have had with various bloggers there were some themes that really stood out for me. They included:

  • Creating a voice for your business, allowing you to express yourself as you wish your business to be perceived by readers;
  • Providing a free taste of what your business has to offer and in turn showcasing knowledge, demonstrating expertise and increasing credibility so that readers turn to your business to solve their problem;
  • Demonstrating the quality of the products, services and/or experiences people can expect to receive when doing business with you (as well as a direct link to how they can purchase in many cases);
  • Creating a content source that can later be re-packaged as saleable products, such as eBooks, online courses, etc;
  • Extending your reach beyond your current business networks, providing opportunities for your business that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible;
  • Connecting with people, develop relationships and building trust; and
  • Building a community of people that support your business.

All of these things make readers of your blog more likely to do business with you and therefore result in an indirect income to the business. So it all boils down to this – Blogging helps businesses to make more money! If you are not blogging for your business, then perhaps you should consider doing so. That is if you want to make more money!
DISCLAIMER: Starting a blot will not result in an immediate influx of large amounts of cash. You are going to have to work for it!

How Can You Learn More About Monetizing Your Blog?

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Do you think this is a fair assessment of why people blog for their business? Why do you blog and how does it help your business? Share your stories of success in the comments below, along with a link to your blog so we can see your blog in action.