Apparently, 2019 was the year that everything in online marketing died.

Except, that is wasn’t!

Don’t buy into the click bait headlines. While many things DID change, and keeping ahead of the game is becoming more important than ever, online marketing is very much alive and well.

Need a cheat sheet to find out what you need to be doing in 2019 to ensure your digital marketing is the latest best practice?

Check out this video where some of the world’s top social media and online marketers (including moi) shared their top social media tips for 2019:

So there you have it. The future of digital marketing lies in building tribes, communities, groups and relationships. As a human race, we really haven’t evolved very much since the cave man days!

We still crave personal relationships, communication and being respected by those that are speaking with us, even marketers. You need to understand your audience, speak to them in a language they understand and desire, and respect the relationship you are creating by engaging.

Above all, speak to them in a way that will ensure you remain memorable and remarkable. If you build your audience relationships well, most of the hard work is done for you as people will automatically think of you when considering something in your product or service category.

Go forth, create great amazing content and build your tribe and your business at the same time!