Creating a video marketing strategy that works for you.

Having a solid video marketing strategy is a must for any small business using content marketing to generate leads and convert them to clients. 

No two businesses are the same. It’s the same with videos. Your video marketing approach will reflect your brand, your target audience, your values. And it all starts with the strategy. 

This is part of your overall social media marketing strategy and is a great next step once you’ve covered the basics of setting up your equipment for video so you’re ready to go.

This step in your video marketing is about working out where videos will enhance your messaging and build more trust in your brand, giving you more chances to build warm audiences, generate leads and convert them to clients. It’s also going to help you make the most of your content creation time. 

Let’s start with the first step in the strategy – creating your editorial mission.

Your editorial mission

It takes time and energy to create videos. We don’t just do them for the sake of it. They must earn their place in your content strategy. 

Starting with an editorial mission is a great way to do this. You can check back against it with each video idea you have to make it easy to decide what stays in, and what’s unnecessary for you to create.

Here’s the Impactiv8 editorial mission. With each blog, email or video we check to make sure we’ve satisfied it.

Let’s check with this blog for an example:

✅ practical tips and strategies
✅ for small business
✅ about digital marketing

Once you have your editorial mission, you can choose your content themes and topics.

Your content themes & topics

From our example above, Impactiv8’s content themes include Facebook Ads, email marketing, content marketing, social media, and digital tools, just to name a few. Under each of these themes we create topics and then flesh out posts – and video is one type of post we would include.

Here’s a video about setting up to record your videos, that achieves the editorial mission and one of our content themes of content marketing

Now you know what you’re going to create, you can then plan each video in more detail.

Video Planning

Video will really bring your content plan to life. Take one video post idea you included in the previous step and think about its objective – what do you want to create and post it for? 

Here are some of the objectives you might have for your videos, (they might satisfy more than one):

  • Authority (positioning you as an expert in your niche)
  • Affinity (getting your audience to develop a connection with you and your business)
  • Awareness (making your audience more aware of who you are and what you have to offer)
  • Attention (standing out in the newsfeed)
  • Action (what you want them to DO as a result of your content)

When you’ve decided, you can put some words together for a video script or outline you can follow when you record your videos. 

Recording for specific platforms

You need to create video content in a format that will appear native to the platforms you plan to post that content to.

For example, if you’re planning for Instagram videos then use your phone, and as is current best practice (for now at least), record in portrait mode. If you want to add videos to YouTube and LinkedIn, then those platforms favour landscape videos.

What if you want to record for both? Well you can choose how you want the final product to look and decide from there (assuming you want to record once and repurpose, not record the video twice).

Simple Video ‘Script’

Once you know what you’d like to record and for how long, it’s worth putting some key dot points down so you are clearer about what you’re going to say.

Keep it simple at the start with an introduction of about 5-10 seconds that is a question or a statement (no need to waste time saying ‘Hi I’m Loren and today I want to share with you some tips about…). We want to make the first bit count.

Then from your objective for this video, you can work out what you’re going to say at the end – your call to action.

  • Remember to subscribe to my channel for more tips and tools
  • Go ahead and follow me here on Instagram for more videos
  • check out my store – the links in the bio

You get the drift.

Then in the middle you’re sharing your value – is it a single best tip for your audience, the three top tips? Some inspiration by telling a story? Decide with some top points as prompts if you need them.

What To Do Now


Firstly if you don’t already have one, create a content plan. This is the best way to see where the opportunities for video are and then you can set about creating your video strategy. Then choose your priority platforms. For example, if you already post on LinkedIn and Facebook, then you’ll start there. Then before you hit record, it’s time to set up and practice those videos from your plan.

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