Not sure where to focus your resources?

We can find out for you!

Our Digital Marketing Deep Dive Diagnostic audits your current digital marketing efforts. Through this process we look at the key components of your digital marketing, including your:

  • Website
  • Paid digital media advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Content assets
  • Upcoming offers

We then provide tailored recommendations that will show you how to improve your digital marketing for maximum results.

We don’t do cookie cutter approaches 

Your business deserves more 

100% Tailored to Your Business

Every business has different goals. So your Deep Dive Diagnostic Report will be specific to your business’s unique goals. 

It’s not about the latest hack or what is trending right now, but how we can get the best long-term results using best practice techniques.

Achievable, High Impact Recommendations

We assess your budget and capability within your team before developing recommendations that take into consideration your available resources. 

We make realistic and achievable recommendations that can be implemented immediately in your business for maximum effect.

Save Time & Money

Too often we see businesses waste time and money trying to scale their digital marketing efforts and ad spend without an optimised sales funnel and/or a strategic plan. 

We’ll make sure your website, email marketing and paid digital media advertising are functioning effectively together, to ensure you get the best possible return on investment.

The Impactiv8 Process

We’ll identify opportunities within your website, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, email marketing, content assets and offers, with a goal to increase conversions and maximise your return on investment.
We’ll map out how to scale up your digital marketing efforts so you can grow your business and make an impact in your industry, using best practice techniques that are tried and tested.

Shortly after signing up for this service, we’ll send you details of how to provide us with access to the required assets to do the analysis, along with a Business Information Questionnaire so that we can get to know your business a little better. We ask for most details upfront and then get to work as soon as received.  Our research and analysis typically takes between 2-4 weeks, as we’re super thorough. However, you can speed up the process by responding to all requests for information as soon as possible once received. 

It’s everything you didn’t know you needed

You can’t see the picture when you’re in the frame

Chances are you’re in your business day in, day out… You know it back to front. But you have blind spots, just like everyone else. That’s why a trained eye can see things you may not be aware of. We’ve worked with 1000s of businesses from all types of industries, and this has given us the experience to provide digital marketing recommendations that you can implement in your business to position your business above your competition in the eyes of your ideal customers.

Ready to get started? 🙌🏽

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What can you expect

We don’t believe in giving you ‘another list of suggestions’ expanding your ever growing to do list that never gets done.

Our Deep Dive Diagnostic Report is delivered in a powerful and actionable way. Your report is a personalised pathway to maximising your digital marketing ROI. It contains implementable recommendations, along with best practice examples, proven recipes for success and video walkthroughs. 

Your report is accompanied by a 90-minute presentation where we explain the individual strategies and tactics we suggest, as well as how they should be actioned. 

This can be a firehose of information… So this presentation is recorded for you to refer back to later or share with other members of the team to assist with effective implementation of the recommendations.

If you require assistance with implementing any of our recommendations, you can opt in for our Done For You services.


We’ll audit your website (and those of your competitors) to identify opportunities to improve your website conversion rate and average order values. This includes website design, user experience, copy, creative and call-to-actions.

We’ll do a deep dive into the effectiveness of your homepage, main landing pages, product/sales pages and shopping cart/order form flow. 

We’ll also review your website platform, template, navigation and plugins/apps to ensure they are providing you with the functionality required for optimum conversions.

Conversion Tracking

Without tracking data it’s hard to predict what to do next… That’s why we identify the most appropriate way for you to track conversions via Facebook, Google and other analytic tools.

We’ll also take into account the constraints of your website, shopping cart and/or landing page platforms.

Facebook Advertising 

We’ll audit your past Facebook Ad campaigns (if available) to determine what worked and what didn’t. 

Our diagnostic will include a review of your overall Facebook Ad account compliance, campaign structure, targeting and the effectiveness of your creative. Where business specific data is not available, industry and competitor research will be used, along with global best practice.

We’ll then provide recommendations for creating highly profitable Facebook Ad campaigns, including optimisation settings, targeting, copy, visuals and budget.

Google Advertising 

We’ll take a look at your previous Google Ad campaigns (if available) to determine what is working for you and where there may be further opportunities to improve performance.

Our diagnostic will include a review of your Google Ads infrastructure to ensure it is set up effectively to optimise for and track conversions. We’ll undertake competitor research, as well as reviewing your keyword performance, audience targeting and reporting on the best performing campaign types and creative. 

Our recommendations will include suggested keyword targeting, negative keywords, campaign, ad set and ad structure, budget and advice on ad copy that should be tested over time.

Email Marketing

We’ll audit your current email marketing practices (where available) to identify opportunities to grow your list, nurture leads and gain more sales via email marketing.

This will include recommending any additional email marketing automation workflows, and/or improvements to your current automations, to help increase the lifetime value of your subscribers.

We’ll review the content and creative used in your automations and broadcasts, providing recommendations to improve deliverability, opens, click throughs and conversions. 

We’ll also provide recommendations on the best email marketing platform specific to your requirements.

Content Assets

We’ll audit the content you are sourcing, creating and sharing as part of your digital marketing. This may include photography, videos, opt-in resources, user generated content, testimonials, etc.

We’ll identify opportunities to improve the way you create and collect content to help generate more engagement, social proof, click-throughs, email subscribers and sales.


We’ll audit your upcoming offers to determine how compelling they are to your ideal customers. Where appropriate, we’ll provide recommendations to increase the level of attention, interest, desire and action your offers will receive.

This will also include a review of your planned promotional calendar to see how your various digital marketing channels can work together to further amplify your results. 

Tools & Tech

Tools can make or break your digital marketing efforts. We’ve tried and tested hundreds of apps, plugins and SaaS platforms, so we know what works and which platforms you should stay away from.

We’ll look at what you’re currently using to determine suitability. Where appropriate, we’ll suggest how you could make greater use of the functionality or suggest alternative tools that might be better suited to your requirements.

We’ll check to see that you have all the required tech infrastructure setup and working correctly, including things like analytics, tracking pixels, product catalogues, domain verification, Google services, etc.


Absolutely fantastic service and amazing results from a totally professional team, who absolutely know their stuff. We wasted thousands of dollars over the past 20 years on wannabe “experts” who simply did not deliver results, these people genuinely do. Great team. Don’t walk: run to Impactiv8, you will never look back. This is the best thing that has ever happened to us, thank you.

Jill Saunders

Beauty and the Bees

This is an essential service

We believe so strongly in the value of our Digital Marketing Deep Dive Diagnostic that we make it a compulsory first step when you engage Impactiv8 to manage your Facebook Ads or Google Ads for your business. That’s because it allows us to know exactly what is required to help you get the best possible ROI from your paid digital media campaigns. This is particularly important if you’re looking to scale your results as quickly as possible. 

But you don’t have to work with us long-term to get the benefits of this essential service. Even if you don’t engage our services to help implement the recommendation of your Deep Dive Diagnostic Report, our actionable strategy will be enough to get you and your team well on your way to maximising the profitability of your digital marketing.

Ready to maximise your digital marketing ROI? 

Long Term Success Starts With Strategy

We constantly see businesses waste time and money trying to scale their digital marketing without understanding the data or what metrics move the needle the most.

They don’t understand why their efforts don’t produce results, constantly frustrated and stressed out, because their ROI just isn’t where it’s supposed to be. 

That doesn’t have to be you!

Investing in experts to review your metrics and provide sound digital marketing recommendations tailored to your business will pay dividends for years to come.

The Proof is in Our Results

The Cupcake Queens

Set up Facebook Ads for the first time and new Google Ads after inactivity. Developed new creative and optimised their website. 


9.5X & 6.84X Return On Ad Spend

For Google Ads and Facebook Ads respectively


Scaled ad spend from $1.5k to $15k

Over 10 weeks, whilst increasing ROAS


215% increase in revenue

In first 6 months of working together

Jovie the Label

Took over existing Facebook Ads and started Facebook Ads for the first time. Developed a new brand communication strategy.


7X & 6.84X Return On Ad Spend

For Google Ads and Facebook Ads respectively


Scaled ad spend from $6k to $25k

Over 3 Months, whilst increasing ROAS


172% increase in revenue

In first 7 months of working together

Anytime Fitness Werribee

Created a digital marketing strategy that included updating creative and optimising funnel to increase number of leads st lower cost.


14X Return On Ad Spend

For Facebook Ads


30% Leads Conversion Rate

From an opt-in offer Impactiv8 created


80% Decrease in Cost Per Lead

Significantly increasing profitability

Brands We’ve Grown Online

Brands We’ve Grown Online

Partners & Certifications

“Ok sounds great, how much?”

Most digital marketing agencies don’t take the time to do a Deep Dive Diagnostic of your digital marketing before they take you on as a client. They jump straight into telling you what will work in your industry and start setting up campaigns, without doing any research on your past campaign performance, current and upcoming offers, customers, competitors and capacity to deliver at scale. 

Impactiv8 doesn’t. We rely on data, not just creative flair.

By taking the time to undertake research and analysis prior to implementation, our Deep Dive Diagnostic Report saves our clients thousands of dollars. In fact, most businesses generate at least 10x their investment within the first couple of months after the recommendations provided in this report are implemented.

Got questions? 🤷‍♀️

Not sure which option is best for you? Just ask! Contact us and let us know a bit more about your business and where you are at with your digital marketing and we will be more than happy to discuss the best option for you.