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Workshop Melbourne

Get the hands-on Facebook Ads assistance your business needs.

Have you been using Facebook for your eCommerce business for a while, but are feeling that you are not getting a significant enough return on investment for all your time, effort and money?

Perhaps you have tried boosting posts or running Facebook Ads, but haven’t achieved the results you hoped for?

Or maybe you are super confused about how to create product catalogue ads or run ads that dynamically target audiences based on their browsing behaviour?

If so, then this Facebook Ads workshop is exactly what you need.



We will step you through:

  • Why you need to be investing in Facebook Ads for your business  
  • How to navigate the Facebook Ads Manager so you can move beyond the boost post 
  • How to create audiences that target your ideal customers  
  • How to retarget website traffic, subscribers and other engaged audiences 
  • How to set up Event Tracking so you can measure the ROI for your ads 
  • How to choose the right objectives and placements for your ads 
  • The different types of Facebook ad creative options and which are best to use and when 
  • The various components that go into creating Facebook Ads that convert
  • How to create a product catalogue allowing you to sell on Facebook & Instagram 
  • How to retarget particular browsers with specific products 
  • How to create dynamic ads that adjust depending on the browser’s behaviour
  • Split testing and optimising your Facebook Ads 
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting your ad performance 
  • Reporting on the success of your ads 
  • How to create a Facebook Ads strategy that attracts, nurtures and converts your ideal customers
  • The benefits of Facebook Business Manager


Who should attend

  • eCommerce businesses that uses Shopify or WooCommerce and are trying to generate more leads and sales for their business using the power of Facebook Ads
  • Marketing and Social Media professionals who are responsible for implementing an eCommerce business’ social media strategy 
  • Social Media freelancers who want to refresh their Facebook Ads skills and stay up-to-date with Facebook Ads best-practice specific for eCommerce businesses

NOTE: This workshop is not suitable for businesses who do not have an ecommerce store (e.g. Shopify, WooCommerce, etc). You will need to attend a Facebook Ads Workshop instead.


Ideally you should have created some sort of Facebook Ad before, even if it is just boosting a post, so you have a basic understanding of Facebook Ads, but that’s not essential (it will just give you a head start and reduce some of the overwhelm you otherwise might experience on the day). If you haven’t done this, you might want to use a small budget ($5 is fine) to test out a boost post prior to attending. 

You must have:  

  • A shopify or WooCommerce online store setup, ideally with products and product catalogues setup and ready to promote
  • A Facebook Ads account setup that is linked to the Facebook Page you wish to run ads for
  • An idea of what you wish to advertise (e.g. products/product catalogues, opt-in, video, etc)
  • Images, video, copy, etc to use to create your ads
  • BYO laptop, MAC or PC (tablets, iPads or other mobile devices are not sufficient)
  • There will be some pre-requisite work that will be sent to you prior to the workshop to ensure you have everything setup appropriately to make sure that you get the most out of the workshop


Facebook Ads Strategy

  • Why you should invest in Facebook Ads
  • Creating a Facebook Ads strategy for your business
  • Understanding your objectives
  • Calculating your ROI and setting appropriate budgets
  • Understanding Facebook Ads Policies

Audience Targeting

  • Developing your Customer Avatars
  • How to target based on interests and demographics
  • Creating custom retargeting audiences
  • Generating lookalike audiences
  • Understanding which audiences to use and when

Compelling Offers

  • The elements that make up compelling offers
  • Developing lead generation resources
  • How to position your product to sell
  • Optimising sales and landing pages for higher conversions