Case Study: White & Co

White & Co is a boutique women’s retailer based in Melbourne with both a retail store and online store hosted on Shopify. They pride themselves on sourcing quality, affordable, wardrobe essentials from boutique designers to take the hassle out of finding easy and stylish outfits for busy women.

The Results

The Overall Strategy

White & Co came to us in February 2019 with the goal of increasing their monthly revenue from Facebook Ads. They had been running Facebook Ads internally for some time but had reached the point where they were unable to scale up their campaigns any further to increase their sales.

At Impactiv8 we understand that Facebook Ads are not successful in a silo, so we sought to create a holistic strategy utilising both Facebook Advertising and Email Marketing Automation. This included:

  • Overhauling their Facebook Ad strategy to run more campaigns per month.
  • Scaling up ad spend budget by 489% to increase exposure to the target audience.
  • Implementing email automation to increase conversions from Facebook Ad traffic.
  • Setting up email automation to generate more sales from existing customers.

In just 10 months we were able to generate over $1.3 million in revenue from Facebook Ads alone, an increase of the total revenue from the previous 10 months of 246%. This led to an increase in the average number of daily orders by 200%, from 9 orders per day to 27 orders per day, from Facebook Ads. 

Total revenue earned from email automations increased by 658% in just 3 months over the previous year.

Additionally we were able to smash the previous 12 months total revenue earned from Email Marketing Automatons by 658% in just 3 months after switching to a new email platform with powerful eCommerce automation tools. 

The Challenges

One of the biggest challenges we faced was the pace of the stock changing with new stock arriving frequently and stock selling out quickly. Because of this it was imperative to come up with an advertising and email marketing strategy that could utilise dynamic content, updating automatically as products were added/removed from the Shopify store. 

It was imperative to create a strategy that could keep up with all the stock changes in a dynamic online store.


Strategy Breakdown 

Email Marketing

Email Platform Migration

Email deliverability, engagement and the ability to dynamically populate Shopify products were major factors holding White & Co back from effectively utilising email marketing.  

We recommended a switch to an email marketing platform that provided improved deliverability and a better integration with their eCommerce platform (Shopify). This involved replicating all past campaigns in the new system, improving copy, imagery and campaign workflow as part of the process. 

TOP TIP: Keep your Email List Clean 

Before you migrate to a new email platform make sure your email list is cleaned, removing any unengaged subscribers, i.e. anyone who hasn’t opened on clicked on you emails over a period of 3 – 6 months depending on the frequency of your email broadcasts. This can be done ongoing automatically in the background by setting up a re-engagement email automation.

Having a clean list helps to improve email deliverability and ensures that you’re only paying for the subscribers that are engaged, which can save a significant amount in monthly subscription fees.

Optimise Email Automations

When auditing the email automations we saw an opportunity to significantly grow the revenue which in turn could increase the daily orders by:

  • Adding more emails to the existing welcome and cart abandon sequences. The additional emails increased the revenue from these sequences by over 40%
  • Adding in time bound scarcity increased the sales conversion rate in the welcome email from 1.45% to 8.92%.
  • Utilising list segmentation to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time. This enabled us to drive more repeat purchases from existing customers.
  • Adding additional email sequences including exit intent campaign and win back campaign increased sales from existing website traffic/customers.  

Utilise Dynamic Content

In order to increase sales from email automation it was imperative to highlight products left in the shopping cart, bestseller and new arrivals. We were able to keep this up to date by utilising the dynamic content feature of the new email platform that would dynamically update content based on the products in the Shopify store and the subscribers own browsing habits. 

Facebook Advertising

Increasing the Ad Spend

When we took on White & Co as a Facebook Ad client it was clear that they weren’t spending enough on their Facebook Ad campaigns to reach the number of people required to achieve their business growth goals. 

By increasing the ad spend by 490% we were able to reach significantly more people, resulting in significantly more sales. 

Overhauling the Campaign Strategy

With a store stocking over 1000 products, running 1-2 campaigns per month was just not enough to highlight the different product ranges and increase revenue generation. 

We switched to running 4-6 campaigns per month, including:

  • Dynamic Retargeting campaigns showing the products people have already viewed or added to cart to encourage them to complete their purchase.
  • Ongoing campaigns for White & Co’s best selling brands.
  • Alternating between new arrivals and sale campaigns to warm audience to increase repeat purchases. 
  • Special promotion campaigns for new products lines or seasonal ranges. 

Utilising Dynamic Ads

Whilst we test serval creative variations per campaign we found that carousel and collection campaigns utilising dynamic creative using the Facebook Product catalog were the most successful. This enabled the products featured in the campaigns to be dynamically updated. 

One of the most successful creative types has been the collection on mobile devices which creates a dynamic mobile friendly landing page of featured products for easy browsing right within Facebook. We’ve found that this creative utilising either dynamic videos or slideshow to really stand out in the newsfeed have often been the most successful. 

Can I Achieve These Same Results?

Every business is different, with unique challenges and differing circumstances. However, we have been able to achieve similar results for several eCommerce businesses with a Shopify store by switching their email marketing provider, creating new campaigns and optimising current campaigns for greater conversions. 

White & Co Testimonial

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