Need someone to manage your Facebook Ads?

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Boost your Facebook advertising success with expert Facebook Ad Management services from Impactiv8. Let us take care of creating compelling ad creative, reaching your target audience, increasing conversions, maximising your ad budget, and achieving a higher ROI. 

    Ready to scale your business by leveraging the power of Facebook and Instagram Ads? 

    If you’ve tried running and scaling your Facebook or Instagram Ads yourself, you know that it’s not as easy as it sounds.

    Each year, we’ve seen advertising on these platforms become more and more complex.

    We see too many businesses wasting their time, money and energy creating ads that cost significantly more than what they return in benefit for the business.

    It shouldn’t be that way!

    We can remove the overwhelm, confusion and headaches when it comes to Facebook and Instagram ads by strategically creating, scaling and managing campaigns that help you reach your business goals.

    We’ve helped businesses leverage the power of Facebook and Instagram Ads to generate more fans, leads, customers and sales since 2011.

    Since then, we’ve helped our clients generate over:

    400,000+ New Email Leads

    2,000,000+ Website Views

    $10,000,000+ in Sales


    We provide Facebook Ad Management Services to committed businesses who are ready to amp up their Facebook Ad efforts by handing over the strategy and management to our expert team.

    The types of businesses that get the most success out of working with us are those that sell online courses, workshops and other live events, as well as those with online stores with products people buy again and again.

    Our Facebook Ad Management Services are right for you if…

    You're already spending $20,000 on ads annually (or $2000+ on ads per month).


    You're clear on who your ideal customer is and you know you're spot on because they're already buying.


    Your business is already profitable and stable, so you can afford to invest in ad spend and experts.


    You're already getting at least 10,000 unique website views per month from all your other organic marketing efforts.


    You have a lead magnet with a sales funnel in place that has already generated sales.


    At least one in every hundred people who visit your sales page end up buying your product.


    Facebook Ads are never ‘set and forget’.

    Behind every ad campaign we run is…

    Ad Creative that Converts

    At the heart of every advertising strategy we craft is direct response copy that resonates with your ideal customer, and imagery that stands out in the newsfeed driving engagement, clicks, leads, and sales. Our ad creative has been one of the secrets behind multiple successful 6-figure product launches.

    Split Testing to Find the Winning Formula

    Every campaign we manage, whether big or small, is aimed at getting you the best results for the lowest cost, so that you can get better results for your overall budget. We do this by split testing several variations of ad copy, images, placement and audience to find you the winning formula.

    Reporting to Show Your ROI

    How do you know if a campaign is successful or if you’re getting value for money out of our services? At the end of every month, we provide a comprehensive but easy to understand report so that you can see where your money’s going and your ROI.

    How Much Does Facebook Ad Management Cost?

    Our Monthly Management Fees start at $1,500 per month and are based on a combination of the complexity of your ad campaigns and your monthly ad spend. This is because as complexity and ad spend increases, so too does the amount of active management that needs to take place to ensure that your ads continue to be profitable. 

    A minimum 3-month commitment is required. But we don’t want you to jump into a 3-month commitment to working with us unless we’re sure you have the content and sales funnel infrastructure in place to get great results and ROI from your ad spend. Before we take you on, we do a comprehensive audit for a one-off fee.

    As part of this audit we’ll go through your Facebook ad account with a fine tooth comb and use that create a strategy and plan that shows exactly how we can help. Plus we’ll audit your lead magnet and landing page and provide suggestions on how to optimise them for conversions to ensure that when your ads kick off, you have the best infrastructure in place to maximise your ROI.

    Even if you don’t engage our services beyond this audit, our actionable, audit-based strategy will be enough to get you and your team well on your way to leveraging the power of Facebook Ads.


    If you’re happy with the overall results of your sales funnel and past launches, but you’re ready to amp up your investment in Facebook Ads, then we’d love to talk! 

    Here’s how our onboarding process works.

    STEP #1 – Fill in the Form

    To get the ball rolling, fill in the form below. If we think you could be a good fit to work with us, then we’ll set up a time to talk.

    STEP #2 – Jump on a Call

    During our call, we’ll discuss your goals, what you’re currently doing with Facebook and Instagram, and answer any questions you might have. We’ll ask you questions about your metrics, such as your conversion rates or website traffic so make sure you have that info handy.

    You can ask us questions too, and together, we’ll decide whether we can help.

    STEP #3 – Review and Create

    If we can help, then the next step is a funnel audit and strategy.

    This is compulsory for all our clients who want to work with us on Ad Management services unless you’ve already engaged us for other digital marketing services.

    STEP #4 – Kick off the Campaign

    We’ll set a start date. This date will depend on if there are lots of pieces you need to put in place, like optimising your landing and sales pages first or getting your email marketing in order.


    If you're ready for a digital marketing solution that's all about scaling your business, talk to us today.