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Online Training Program

Do you need help to learn how to harness the power of Facebook Ads to generate more leads and sales for your business?

Are you looking to start creating Facebook Ads for your business?

Or perhaps you have been dabbling with Facebook Ads, but don’t feel you are getting a significant enough return on investment for your time and money.

This online training course teaches you how to create profitable Facebook Ads for your business so that you can start generating a consistent stream of leads and sales for your business, without breaking the bank!

As well as receiving the latest best-practice strategies, you will also be stepped through the process of creating high converting Facebook Ads, with loads of examples for inspiration.

This program is designed for you to build out your ads as you go through the training, with the added benefit of being able to access our team of Facebook Ads experts as you go to assist you in crafting the perfect ads for your business.


Facebook Ads Strategy

  • Why you should invest in Facebook Ads
  • Creating a Facebook Ads strategy for your business
  • Understanding your objectives
  • Calculating your ROI and setting appropriate budgets
  • Understanding Facebook Ads Policies

Audience Targeting

  • Developing your Customer Avatars
  • How to target based on interests and demographics
  • Creating custom retargeting audiences
  • Generating lookalike audiences
  • Understanding which audiences to use and when

Compelling Offers

  • The elements that make up compelling offers
  • Developing lead generation resources
  • How to position your product to sell
  • Optimising sales and landing pages for higher conversions

Landing Pages That Convert

  • Components of high converting landing and sales pages
  • Design tips that increase conversions
  • Landing page must have elements
  • Tools for creating landing pages
  • Mobile friendly testing

Effective Ad Creative

  • The anatomy of high performing ads
  • Copywriting tips to increase click throughs and conversions
  • Creating compelling visuals
  • Examples of high performing ads
  • Planning your ad creative

eCommerce Retargeting

  • Installing the Facebook Pixel for eCommerce stores
  • Creating product catalogues
  • Dynamic retargeting ad creative
  • Setting up dynamic retargeting

Best Practice Setup

  • Understanding campaign structure
  • Naming conventions
  • Navigating Ads Manager
  • Business Manager setup
  • Split testing

Measuring Your ROI

  • Monitoring ad campaigns
  • Analysing your results
  • Troubleshooting issues with ad performance
  • Setting up custom reports
  • Scaling ad campaigns

Developing a Messenger Marketing Strategy

Facebook Messenger Compliance

  • Creating your Messenger Bot
  • Messenger Ad Campaigns
  • Creating Messenger Broadcasts