Facebook has recently announced the addition of “Facebook Author Tags” as a mechanism to make it easier for Facebook readers to follow the author of articles they read on Facebook.
To enable this, you need to paste a snippet of code on the website where the article is housed to generate a link to the Page or Profile within the story preview in the news feed.
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What Do Facebook Author Tags Look Like On Facebook?

The link to the author’s Facebook presence is a clickable link alongside the domain name that indicates where the content is from. However, the call-to-action to either Like or Follow the author doesn’t appear until after you read the article and return to your news feed. This call-to-action also only appears if the reader doesn’t already Like the Page or Follow the Profile that is linked to the author of the content.

Author Tag Linked To A Facebook Page

The content that I am the author of on the Impactiv8 blog links back to my Business Page.
If yours is set up this way, then when someone sees your content on Facebook and they haven’t already Liked your Page they see this:
acebook Author Tags - Facebook Page
Then after they have clicked through to your content and return to Facebook they see a button to Like your Page (if they don’t already Like it):
Facebook Author Tags - Like Facebook Page Button
Then they can easily Like your Page from within the post:
Facebook Author Tags - Liked Facebook Page

Author Tag Linked To A Facebook Profile

Whereas, as you can see from the image below, all of the content that I am the author of on the #BusinessAddicts website currently links back to my personal profile:
Facebook Author Tags - Link to Follow Profile
Then after they have clicked through to your content and return to Facebook they see a button to Follow your Profile (if they aren’t already following you):
Facebook Author Tags - Follow Profile Button
Then they can easily Follow your Profile from within the post:
Facebook Author Tags - Follow Profile

What Are The Benefits Of Facebook Author Tags?

This is potentially HUGE for anyone that publishes content online, as once you have set this up on your website, then any Facebook shares of that content (regardless by who) will automatically include a link to your presence on Facebook.
This is a great way to increase your audience organically to people that are interested in your content. It is particularly great if you have developed a community of raving fans that are continually sharing your content on Facebook.
In one of Facebook’s most recent algorithm changes, it was announced that Facebook will now be favouring the content shared by People over the content shared by Pages. The great news here is that when other people are sharing your content on Facebook, not only will it be gaining greater reach, there will also be a direct link back to your Facebook presence as the author.
This announcement comes at a welcome time, with reach for content posted to Facebook by Pages at an all time low for many businesses and the rate of organic growth of Facebook audiences slowing as a result. This new feature could help authors who are creating quality content to increase growth of Page Likes or Profile Followers (depending upon which option you have enabled). 🙂

How To Set Up Facebook Author Tags On WordPress To Enable Followers

Setting up Facebook Author Tags on WordPress is actually quite simple and without event knowing it you might have already done everything you need to for this to be working already.

  1. Firstly, you need to have enabled the “Follow” option within your profile first for this to work.
  2. Login to WordPress for your website.
  3. Install SEO by Yoast (if you haven’t already – Great SEO plugin that you should have installed already, if not – get it and start using it).
  4. Click on “SEO” and then the “Social” submenu, then select the “Facebook” tab.
  5. Check the box alongside “Add Open Graph meta data”.
    Facebook Author Tags - Social WordPress SEO by Yoast
  6. Click on “Users” and then select “Your Profile”, the scroll down to “Contact Information” and add in your Facebook Profile URL within the “Facebook profile URL” field to enable to “Follow” button.

Extra Tip: You might want to set this up for the other Authors on your website whilst you are at it.
You should be all set up now to enable people to Follow you directly from your content. To check that it is working, use the Facebook Debug tool and check what one of the posts you have authored will look like by pasting the URL into this tool and selecting “Debug”. It should display a preview of what that link would look like on Facebook, including a link to either your Profile or Page, depending upon which way you have set it up. If it doesn’t work immediately, my advice is to be patient and wait! It took a couple of days for mine to display correctly initially. That could be due to a Facebook’s gradual roll out of this feature, website caching or some other reason.

How To Set Up Facebook Author Tags On WordPress To Enable Page Likes

I will be honest here and let you know that even though I have author tags enabled to link back to my Facebook Page for Impactiv8, I haven’t worked out why this is the case as yet and can’t find a resource anywhere that explains this (if you know, please let me know in the comments below so I can update this post). Part of the reason I wrote this post was in hope that it would uncover the answer for me as this has got me stumped!
I have followed exactly the same steps as above for both the Impactiv8 and the #BusinessAddicts websites, but all Impactiv8 posts that I author link to my Impactiv8 Facebook Page and all the #BusinessAddicts posts that I author link to my Facebook profile. I can’t see where else the settings vary throughout my website for this to occur (but will continue to look).
So my suggestion to you at this stage is to follow the steps above and then see which one it links to. Even if you are only linking to your profile for now, you will still be able to gain Followers and assuming that you have your Facebook Page linked to your Profile in your About section, you could still get traffic to your Facebook Page and increase your Page Likes as a result of this strategy.
I hope to have more information to clarify this soon.

Have You Set Up Facebook Author Tags As Yet?

If you have set up Facebook Author Tags for your website as yet, I would be super keen to find out how you did it. Did you follow the instructions above or have you found another method for achieving this? In particular, have you managed to work out what needs to be done differently to be able to choose whether it is the Follow or Like button that appears?