Are you ready to take advantage of the biggest buying time of the year?
Examples Of How Businesses Are Using Facebook To Generate More Sales In The Lead Up To ChristmasThe lead up to Christmas is a great time for making sales and Facebook is a great platform for generating more sales during this busy buying period.
However, broadcasting out sales messages that effectively scream “BUY MY STUFF!!!” is not the way to do it. Below are some examples of how businesses are using Facebook to generate more sales in the lead up to Christmas without seeming overly “salesy”.

Suggest some gift ideas

Let’s face it, many people (me included) are pretty crap when it comes of thinking of what to buy people for Christmas. Help them out; give people ideas! Not only will you generate sales, but you are likely to make them happy as you solved a problem for them, particularly if they can knock a few people off  their gift buying list at the same time.


Look popular

Demonstrating that lots of people are buying what you have to offer by displaying orders as they go out the door achieves two things:

  1. You are putting your product front-of-mind for those people that are are still undecided as to what to get; and
  2. People may be more likely to choose that option as there is social proof that your product is a popular gift choice.


Generate a sense of urgency!

Generating a sense of urgency through scarcity is a great way of:

  • Getting people to purchase your product (even if it was not originally on their list); and/or
  • Encouraging people to purchase your product earlier than they may have planned.

Both of these reasons stem from people’s fear of missing out!


Promote how your product could be used during the festive season

People are not only purchasing presents at this time of year, but also all the “stuff” they need to make the holidays special. If what you have to offer fits into this category, then use Facebook to paint the picture of how your product will make their festive season even better!


Conduct a competition

There are many benefits of conducting a competition on Facebook, but when you do so at this time of year, you have the added benefit of putting your product front-of-mind at a time when people are either thinking of what to buy others or creating their list of what they want. Combine this approach with the one above (as Thermomix in Australia have) for maximum effect.


Create products specific for the festive season

Consider which of the products you sell that are most popular with your community and then see how you can put a festive spin on them. The Organised Housewife’s “printables” are very popular with her Facebook community, so she has created some Reindeer Noses Treat Bag Labels that are great as end of school year gifts.

Rather than be all “selly, sell” with these products, instead demonstrate stories around those products, such as the ease of use, versatility and/or the benefits the product will provide.


Create a Christmas Facebook App

Facebook Christmas AppsFacebook Christmas Apps are a great way to reward your fans for their loyalty throughout the year, whist at the same time generating more engagement, leads and sales for your business during the festive season.
Facebook Christmas Apps, such as a Facebook Advent Calendar, spread Christmas cheer by dishing out a new gift each day to those Fans engaged enough with your business to take the time to discover what special little treats you have to share with them each day in the lead up to Christmas. Your Facebook Fans generally include your most loyal customers, so why not reward them at this special time of year!


Promote your discounts

If part of your strategy includes providing a discount on purchases in the lead up to Christmas, don’t forget to promote your discount offer on Facebook. If you have several discount offers, then you have content for several posts. Just be sure not to post offer after offer. Mix it up with some engaging value adding content also, as your fans won’t appreciate your constant promotional messages.

If you are creating posts that highlight your promotional offers, then you may also wish to advertise those posts to ensure they are seen by more of your ideal customers (promoting posts to your fans is a great way to achieve this). If doing so, be sure that your post complies with Facebook’s Advertising Guidelines. The above post could not be used as a Promoted Page Post as it includes more than 20% text.

Provide a Facebook only discount

Christmas is a great time to reward your fans for their loyalty throughout the year and a “Facebook only” discount code is a great way to achieve this. However, it doesn’t only have to be your fans that you give away the discount to. This can also be a great strategy for building your fan base.
Consider also partnering with another complimentary Facebook page that has fans within your target demographic and providing them with their own unique Facebook only discount code to share with their community in exchange for promoting your products. This is win/win, as it:

  • Creates greater exposure for your business, potentially resulting in additional sales and perhaps even new fans and/or repeat customers;
  • Provides value to the Page sharing your offer as they are able to off a “value-add” opportunity to their community.


Promote an event that will get people to your place of business

If you have a bricks and mortar store and rely predominantly on over-the-counter sales for revenue, as is the case for most retail outlets, then promoting an event on your Facebook page that will get people to (or even near) your place of business can assist in generating more sales. Christmas related events in your area shouldn’t be too hard to find this time of year. Even if the event is only in the precinct in which you conduct business, people may pop by just because they are in the area (if they love your business and always do so when nearby) or to say thanks for letting them know about the event if they enjoyed themselves. Then it is over to you to weave your sales magic!


Other Facebook business Christmas examples?

Do you have any other facebook business Christmas examples or ideas of how businesses can use Facebook to generate more sale for Christmas? If so, please share them in the comments below.