Facebook GiftsI logged onto Facebook this morning and received an alert encouraging me to “Give Gifts to Friends – Celebrate special occasions or say hello with something fashionable, tasty, or just plain fun”. Now Facebook Gifts are not a new phenomenon. They have been available in the US since 2007, but it looks like they will finally be making their way to Australia, but they are not quite here yet. 🙁
The process for sending a gift seems fairly easy, allowing you to buy, give and ship a real gift from within Facebook, using just a couple of minutes of your time. You can do this either from within the birthday reminder on Facebook or on the Timeline of the person you would like to send the gift to. Gifts can be given privately or have the story shared on their Timeline so their friends can see that you have sent them a gift. The recipient has the choice whether or not they wish to accept the gift and where they want it shipped to.
Here’s what it looks like…

Choose A Gift

Select from a variety of gifts within the different categories.

Facebook Gifts - Choose A Gift_ categories available for facebook gifts_Impactive8

Give This Gift

Cofirm the gift that you want to send to your friend.

Facebook Gifts - Give This Gift_buying gifts on facebook_how to facebook help_Send Gift To Friend

Choose which friend you would like to send your gift to and choose to either pay now or when they accept the gift. Unfortunately the message “you cannot send to this friend” is appearing at present when I try this, as Facebook Gifts are listed as “coming soon” to Australia. Can’t wait!

Find Out More About Facebook Gifts

You can find out more about Facebook Gifts here.

Facebook Gifts - Introducing Gifts_How to sell gifts on facebook_

The gift selection looks quite limited and there is no information at present as to whether or not the gifts are shipped from within Australia. I also haven’t seen any information as yet as to how Australian businesses can register to have their gifts available for sale via this feature.

What a great opportunity for exposure for your businesses if you could manage to get your products within this feature and leverage the social act of gift giving. My guess is that it would come at quite a price and it would be interesting to see what the profit margins would be like as a result.

So what do you think? Would you like to send or receive gifts via Facebook? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.