Facebook Online Training Australia

How to leverage the power of Facebook to make it more profitable for your business?

Are you looking to setup a Facebook Page for your business?

Do you have a Facebook Page for your business, but feel like you are not getting the most out of it?


Are you struggling to keep up with the constant changes to Facebook and in desperate need of a refresher on what is working on Facebook now?

Sound familiar?

This Australian-made FB Business Success online training program will step you through the process of leveraging Facebook to generate more fans, leads, customers & sales for your business.

FB Business Success NOW! will focus on the strategies, tips and tools that are most profitable on Facebook NOW!

FB Business Success NOW! will enable you to…

  • Create a Facebook marketing plan for your business
  • Create & optimise your Facebook Business Page
  • Connect with your ideal customers & build your audience
  • Source & create engaging content
  • Create raving fans that advocate for your business
  • Integrate Facebook into your day-to-day business activities
  • Create Facebook ads that convert
  • Increase your website traffic
  • Gain more leads & subscribers
  • Generate more sales for your business
  • Monitor activity related to your business on Facebook
  • Measure the return on investment for your efforts


The following content will be covered in The Facebook Foundations training modules:

Your Facebook Strategy module will include:

  • Why you should use Social Media for business success
  • Why Facebook should play a key role in your digital strategy
  • The foundations for Facebook Business Success
  • How to use Facebook to attract, sell and wow your ideal customers
  • How to integrate Facebook into your day-to-day business activities

Your Facebook Optimisation module will include:

  • How to set up your Facebook Page from scratch
  • Optimising your Facebook Page to attract and convert your ideal customer
  • Branding your Facebook Page to reflect your brand essence
  • How to set up Facebook Apps

Your Building an Audience module will include:

  • How to identify who your ideal customer is
  • How to attract access into the newsfeed and inbox of your ideal customer
  • Using Facebook Groups to further develop your audience

Your Creating & Sourcing Engaging Content module will include:

  • Understanding Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm and what you need to be doing to gain more reach in the newsfeed
  • How to create content that your audience feels compelled to engage with
  • The what, when, where, how and why of Facebook posting
  • Creating thumb stopping images
  • Using video effectively on Facebook
  • Sourcing “known” engaging content to share on Facebook

Your Leads & Sales module will include:

  • How to turn your Facebook audience into valuable email subscribers
  • How to turn your fans, email subscribers and website visitors into customers
  • How to use Facebook to gain more referrals
  • How to use Facebook to increase the lifetime value of your customers
  • Using competitions to gain targeted leads

Your Monitoring & Measuring Performance module will include:

  • Setting up alerts to ensure that you can respond to engagement in a timely manner
  • Using Facebook as a customer service tool
  • Understanding your Facebook Insights
  • Additional metrics you need to track to measure your success
  • When and how to adjust your Facebook strategy


The following content will be covered in The Facebook Advertising training modules:

Your Facebook Ads – The Essentials module will include:

  • Benefits of Facebook Advertising
  • How to setup a Facebook Ads Account
  • Understanding Facebook Ad campaign structures
  • Choosing the right Facebook Ad based on your objective
  • The essential elements of creating Facebook Ads that convert
  • How to target your ideal customers using Facebook Ads, including creating custom audiences, lookalike audiences & saved target audiences
  • Installing the website re-marketing Facebook Pixel
  • How to create Ads using the Facebook Ads Manager platform

Your Facebook Ads – Advanced Techniques module will include:

  • How to use Power Editor to achieve better results for your Facebook Ads
  • How to create multiple Ad Sets and Ads for split testing
  • How to monitor and adjust your Facebook Ads to achieve greater success
  • Reporting on the performance of your Facebook Ads
  • Navigating Facebook Business Manager

Impact Activities are included in this training program:

  • Providing guidance around the implementation of your learning
  • Allowing you to apply to your business the insights you learn as you go
  • Completing these will ensure that you achieve FB Business Success!

LIVE Q&A Training include:

  • Q&A training calls where you can ask questions specific to your business
  • Facebook best practice case studies & Facebook Page critiques
  • Fresh content to bring you up-to-speed with the latest Facebook changes

Additional Resources include:

  • Additional up-to-date information to support your ongoing learning
  • Tools to assist you to achieve Facebook Business Success
  • A handy go-to reference for all things related to Facebook

Special Bonuses include:

  • Bonus training videos related to Facebook and social media strategy
  • Extra resources added regularly, as per your training requirements
  • Spot prizes, giveaways & events exclusive to program participants

Ongoing Support includes:

  • Exclusive access to a private Facebook group for ongoing support
  • Forum to share challenges and celebrate successes with other businesses
  • Regular interactions with Impactiv8’s Loren Bartley, course creator


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