Facebook Page Promotion Ideas - What not to doAre you trying to increase the number of people that Like your Facebook Page? 
Are you struggling for ideas on how to promote your Facebook Page?
Are your current Facebook Page promotional efforts not working?
Below are some Facebook Page Promotion ideas based on what other businesses are doing to promote their Facebook Pages off-line.

Facebook Page Promotion Ideas

Include Your Facebook Page URL Or Page Name

You need to make it is easy as possible for people to find your Page. PLEASE don’t ask people to “Find us on Facebook” without providing more information. It is not a game of hide and seek!
Instead you should include your Facebook Page URL or Page name as part of all of your Facebook Page promotional material.

Include The Facebook Icon

Use easily recognisable imagery such as the Facebook icon to attract attention to those people that are active Facebook users. Facebook provides example Facebook signs that you can download if you don’t have the skills to create something yourself.

Offer An Incentive

Its important that you give people a reason for Liking your Page that focuses on the WIIFM (what’s in it for me). This from Matts Home Outdoor Design demonstrates what type of content people are likely receive in their newsfeed once they Like the Page.
Facebook Page Promotion Ideas - Win Prizes Discounts Latest News
A Facebook Competition is another way to offer an incentive in exchange for people Liking your Page.

Prominent In-store Promotion

Place your Promotional material where people are most likely to see it. This promotional sign from Aunt Lil’s is placed on the coffee machine right where people wait to receive their order.
Facebook Page Promotion Ideas - Aunt Lil's
Sanctuary Lakes Chiropractic places Facebook Page promotional material around the clinic encouraging people to Like their Page, Check-in to their business and also recommend their business to their friends. Whilst this type of placement is good, try not to encourage your customers to do to much at once. One call to action is sufficient per piece of promotional material.
Facebook Page Promotion Ideas - In-store Chiropractor
Nando’s Australia are promoting their Facebook Page on an item that everyone that sits down at a table to eat at their restaurant is likely to read – the menu!
Facebook Page Promotion Ideas - Menu - Nandos

Promote Check-ins

Encourage people to check-in at your business. If you combine this with an incentive, as done at PlayHut Party Play Centre, then people are more likely to check-in. Having people check-in to your business can assist with promoting your Facebook Page as it generates a story in the newsfeed of their Friends that they are at your place of business.
Facebook Page Promotion Ideas - Check-in - Altona Sports Complex

Take Home Items

If you give something to your customers that is likely to be retained by them as a keep sake or shown to their friends, such as the scorecard example below from Oz Tenpin Point Cook, then you can use this opportunity to promote your Facebook Page.
Facebook Page Promotion Ideas - Bowling Results

General Promotional Material

Do you distribute brochures, business cards or other promotional material as part of your business? If so, these are perfect opportunities to promote your Facebook Page. Below is an example of how Impactiv8 promotes it’s Facebook Page (and other social media platforms) on the back of business cards.
Social Media Promotion - Business Cards
Don’t forget to promote more than just your Facebook Page. Consider applying the above principles to promote all of your social media platforms and Hashtags, as is done by The Cupcake Queens on the bags that they package their cupcakes in.
Social Media Promotion - Shopping Bag
Do you have any additional Facebook Page promotion ideas? If so, please share them in the comments below.