The much anticipated Facebook Page redesign 2014 is being rolled out for all Facebook Pages today (5 June 2014). I switched the Impactiv8 Facebook Page over a week or so back and discovered the following 8 secret changes that you should know about to help you transition into the new layout.
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Cover Image Changes

Whilst the cover image (851x 315 pixels) and profile picture (180×180 pixels, displays as 160×160) remain the same dimensions, you may need to adjust the design of your cover image. This is because the profile picture now sits higher into the cover image and the Page name and action buttons now sit within the Cover Image itself.¬†Facebook has also added a gradient to darken the bottom of the image. This is necessary to make sure that the white text for your Page name and category shows up when overlaid on light images, but this could mess with your design if you had text in that area or any details you didn’t want shaded out.
Facebook Cover Image Dimensions 2014

You Can Link To Two Apps Under Your Cover Image

When the new look for the Facebook Page redesign 2014 was first announced, it appeared at first that apps were being buried in the navigation and quite a few people were not happy about this. This is not the case. They are prominently displayed in the left-hand column underneath your About section, as well as being accessible via the “More” tab immediately under your cover image. However, if you don’t use the “video” slot, you can move the app of your choice to this spot, by clicking on “more” and then “Manage Tabs”. You can also move the “photos” app to below the fold by promoting one of your more important apps above it. This tweak provides two prime pieces of real estate to showcase your most important call-to-action apps prominently. These are the ideal places to promote an opt-in offer giveaway or competition. Just make sure that you use a strong call-to-action as the name for the app to encourage people to click on the link.

Link to Apps under Facebook Cover Image

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How To Change The Custom Tab Name For An App

If you don’t already have a strong call-to-action as the tab name for for you app, then you will have to change it. Sounds simple enough? Well it used to be. Now there are quite a few steps to what used to be a very simple change:

  1. Click on “Settings” above your Cover Image
  2. Click on “Apps” in the left-hand column
  3. Click on “Edit Settings” under the app you want to change the tab name for
  4. Change the “Custom Tab Name” by filling in the box. Leave it blank to use the default name.

How To Change The Custom Tab Image For An App

For branding purposes, you should give all your Custom Tab Images for your Apps a consistent look, with a descriptive label that attracts the eye and gives some detail as to what they would get when they click through. This should compliment the Custom Tab Name.
Facebook Page Redesign 2014 - Custom Tab Images
If you want to change the custom tab image, you will have to follow the first three steps as above for changing a Custom Tab Name, but the fourth step will require clicking on “Change” next to “Custom Tab Image”, which will take you to a new screen with you current tab image. Hover over the Image so that an “Edit” button appears in the top right corner of the image and then click on the “Edit” button. You can then upload a JPG, GIF or PNG file. The size of the image must be 111 x 74 pixels, with a file size limit 1 MB.

Your Page Admin Panel Is Now Hidden

Personally, I love that the new Page Admin panel is hidden by default, but the new layout of the Admin Panel will take some getting used to. The relatively new “Pages To Watch” feature is now located right at the bottom of the Overview section of your Insights. I mention this as I spent about 10mins clicking on all the tabs to find this when I first went looking for it. I should’ve just scrolled down. Doh!
See Demystifying the Facebook Page Admin Panel: Activity, Insights & Settings for more information on the new look Facebook Admin Panel that was rolled out with the Facebook Page redesign 2014.

This Week Snapshot

There is now a “This Week” snapshot that includes the number of new Page Likes, the weekly reach of your posts and a tally of your unread notifications or messages that you can hover over for more information. What I like best about the This Week” snapshot is the weekly page reach feature. You should be paying attention to this figure, rather than individual post reach. Yes, individual post reach appears appalling when you look at each post in isolation, but hopefully your weekly post reach is painting a better picture in terms of the number of people your posts are reaching on a weekly basis. It is unrealistic to expect that all of your fans are going to see all of your posts, instead having the majority of your fans see your content on a weekly basis should be your aim.

This Week Snapshot On Facebook Page 2014

You Can’t Send PDF’s In Private Messages

The paperclip icon that used to appear as an option at the bottom of private messages for Pages is no longer there. You still have the option to upload an image, but no files. I am sure this will be sorely missed by those businesses that used to send PDF’s via Facebook Page messages will no longer be able to. The only workaround I can suggest in terms of this is to share files via Dropbox instead. Facebook often retires features that aren’t used much and it is likely that this may be the case with this one.
Can't send files in private messages - Facebook Page Redesign 2014

You Can’t Easily Add A Page To An Interest List

When you visited Pages you used to be able to hover over the Like button and select “Add to Interest List” for those pages that you didn’t wish to Like, but were still keen to keep track of via one of your saved Interest Lists. Now in order to access this feature, you have to Like the Page first. As an avid user of Interest Lists (I know I might be in the majority here) I find this change extremely frustrating. You either have to Like the Page, add it to your Interest List, and then unlike it again or go to your Interest list and then add the page from there (without having to Like it first). This is annoying, as I like to add pages to interest lists when I discover them and could do without the extra steps.¬†
Are there any other Facebook Page Redesign secrets you have discovered? If so, share them in the comments below.