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Watch below a Facebook Page Video Audit for the Beauty R Us Facebook Page as part of Facebook Business Success.
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Using BeautyRUs Facebook Page as an example, in this video you will learn:

  • About Facebook Cover Image compliance;
  • Ideas for choosing your Facebook Page URL when your business name is already taken;
  • Why you should think in advance whether or not you are going to pin a post to the top of the Page before you post;
  • A simple tip to ensure you manage to post at least once day;
  • How to bring attention to your price list on your Facebook Page;
  • Types of profile images that are appropriate for service providers;
  • The importance of selecting an appropriate category for your Facebook Page;
  • Strategies for getting the most out of the information that appears in the “About” section under your Profile image on your Facebook Page;
  • How to use the “About” section so that your potential customers can get to know you better;
  • How to be more easily found in search for your keyword terms;
  • Why including your operating hours may help your business;
  • Importance of turning on “messages”;
  • Strategies to incorporate when creating events on your Facebook Page to get more people indicating they are going to attend and therefore ensure the content you share within the event gets maximum exposure;
  • The importance of providing a registration link for Facebook events;
  • How albums can be used to assist you in promoting your products and services;
  • Why burying the “Likes” button is a good strategy when you still have a low number of Likes on your Page;
  • The types of Apps that would suit a local based service provider;
  • Strategies for building the number of Likes for your Page organically when you don’t have a budget for paid advertising; and
  • Where to go to listen out for conversations that are already happening around the products and services that your business provides

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