Masters Swimming NSW Facebook Page_Facebook Page Audit For BusinessSporting Association Facebook Pages – Masters Swimming NSW
Watch below a Facebook Page Video Audit for the Masters Swimming NSW Facebook Page as part of Facebook Business Success.
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Using Masters Swimming NSW Facebook Page as an example, in this video you will learn:

  • The benefits of featuring fans and changing your cover image regularly;
  • The importance of scheduling posts regularly rather than posting several posts in quick succession;
  • Optimal image dimensions for the Facebook newsfeed;
  • How calls to action in the description of photos can assist your business;
  • Why you need to consider how people will find you via Facebook’s Graph Search when selecting your category;
  • Why the “About” section of your Facebook Page shouldn’t all be about your business;
  • How consistent branding can make your Facebook Page and your business look more professional;
  • Examples of Shortstack Apps;
  • Why you should Fan gate some Facebook Apps;
  • How iFrames can work in Facebook Apps and the benefits of this type of App;
  • How to switch the position of Facebook Apps to keep the most important Apps above the fold on your Facebook Page;
  • Ways to include documents within a Facebook App;
  • The importance of Page Guidelines to back up any moderation that you may need to do on your Facebook Page;
  • Why you should use smart URL’s when sharing Apps so people can see your Apps regardless of whether or not they are viewing your content from their desktop or mobile;
  • How to encourage more people to join Facebook events;
  • How engaging with other Facebook Pages and Groups with similar audiences can build awareness and boost the number of Likes on your Page; and
  • Why you should re-visit the Facebook Build Audience feature periodically to increase your Page Likes

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