Facebook Save Feature FINALLY AvailableFacebook has FINALLY introduced a save feature for both the web and mobile versions of the platform. It started rolling out to Android, iOS and the Web today and is expected to be fully rolled out over the next few days. I am super excited that I got access to it straight away!!!
(I am still waiting for Graph Search BTW Facebook – Feel free to give me that feature at anytime thanks! It’s only been a couple of years since I put myself on the wait list for early access to that feature – I digress.)
This long-awaited bookmarking feature allows you to save the content you see in your newsfeed for later viewing, either on the web or your mobile device. This will no doubt come as a welcome addition if you are one of those people that have been implementing work-arounds, like sharing content to a private group that only you are members of, sharing posts to your own wall with “me only” visibility, saving items to third party apps (e.g. Pocket) or overloading your mobile device or computer with screenshots of content you wish to be able to reference back to at a later date.
However, you might not be able to ditch those habits altogether, as what you can save is limited to links, places, music, books, movies and TV shows from newsfeed only. You can’t visit the Timeline of a person, page, group or event and save any status update that you choose. You can only save from within your newsfeed and only those items that Facebook makes available for saving. In other words, not text updates, photos and videos.
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How To Save Things On Facebook

To save links, places, music, books, movies and TV shows, tap the “save” icon at the bottom of the post (if available) or choose the “save” option from the drop down () menu on posts a newsfeed post (if available). Only you can see the things you save, but you can choose to share them if you wish. Facebook Save Feature - Saving A Post
You can even save a Page by clicking on the “Save” option which is located within the “More” section (three dot button) on a Page under the cover image within a web browser or by clicking on the “Save” icon under the cover image of a Page on a mobile device.

Web Browser Method Of Saving A Page

Facebook Sav Feature - Save Page

Mobile Method Of Saving A Page

Facebook Sav Feature - Save Page - Mobile

How To Access Facebook Saved Items

From the newsfeed within a web browser you can click on the “Saved” icon from within the “Favourites” in the lefthand navigation. You can also visit: https://www.facebook.com/saved. This might be a good address to bookmark for easy access from within your browser at anytime.

Web Browser Access To Saved Items 

How To Access Facebook Saved Items - Web Browser

Your Saved items are also accessible on your mobile device from within the “More” menu under the “Favourites” section.

Mobile Access To Saved Items

How To Access Facebook Saved Items - Mobile

To assist you in more easily locating Saved items they are categorised on both the web browser and mobile as:

  • All (everything you have saved)
  • Links
  • Places
  • Music
  • Books
  • Films
  • TV Shows
  • Events
  • Archive
Click on your Saved items to view them. From within a web browser, click “Share” on the item to be presented with all the same options as if you were to have shared this story originally from your newsfeed. Facebook Sav Feature - Saved Post To share from a mobile device you need to swipe the item left and then click on “More” to be presented with the option to either “Share in New Post” or “View Post”. Facebook Save Feature - Share Post - Mobile

How To Archive and Delete Facebook Saved Items

From within your Saved list within a web browser, hover over the item you wish to archive and click on the x in the top-right corner of that item. It will then be moved to your “Archive” category within your Saved list. You access the “Archive” option on a mobile device by swiping left across an item to display the “Archive” option (see image above).
If you wish to “Unarchive” or “Delete” it permanently, then go to your Archive list within a web browser and click  next to the item and then select either “Unarchive” or “Delete”. From a mobile device, go to your Archive list and then swipe left across the item and then select either “Unarchive” or “Delete”

Saved Item Reminders

If you are forgetful (like me), you might find value in the fact that Facebook will periodically notify you that you have Saved items. On the other hand, this might become annoying for some.

Saved Item Data

Whilst you are the only one that can see which items you have Saved, Facebook knows (insert dramatic music). This data may be used to influence Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm. It could also be made available to business in future in the form of insights or advertisers targeting. This has not been made clear, but would seem a logical progression.

What I Think Of The Facebook Save Feature

No doubt this feature was developed to keep you inside of Facebook for longer, as so many people are currently saving items to Pocket, Pinterest or other services and then spending their reading time elsewhere other than within Facebook itself. If this change in how we read content results in extra time spent inside Facebook by its users, this will no doubt have a positive ad revenue benefit for Facebook. However, this could also be great for businesses should targeted ads become available alongside saved stories. Imagine being able to target an ad to appear alongside a particular piece of Saved content. This could be really powerful (please note that this feature is not currently available, I am just dreaming of the possibilities).

Personally, I think the Facebook Save feature is long overdue and it will be a welcome addition to my Facebook user experience, as it will mean that I will be able to flick through my newsfeed, shortlist those links that I wish to read and then go back when I have time and be more selective as to which ones I actually read based on the amount of time I have either then or sometime later. It will mean that I can peruse my newsfeed in shorter bursts of time without missing out on those things that I don’t have time to read straight away.
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I can also see myself using the Saved Places to compile a list of places I would like to visit, making it easier to recall places of interest to visit on the weekend or when on holidays. As for TV shows, I wish this feature had been rolled out a few weeks back when I remember someone (not sure who) talking about a TV program (not sure which one) that sounded really interesting. I could’ve saved that TV show for later reference and then when I finished watching Fargo (my current fave TV show), I could’ve moved straight onto that one. Actually, I am pretty sure that I will be saving things to each of the categories.
If you are one of those businesses that usually tries to achieve greater reach by uploading an image along with your link, rather than allowing Facebook to auto-populate an image with the link, then you won’t have the Save option available on that post as it is considered a photo, not a link. Similarly, if you post the link in the comments, it won’t be able to be shared. It will be interesting to see if more businesses will now start sharing links the way Facebook prefers them to be shared to enable the Save option on their posts.
I was a little disappointed when I first had a play that this feature is limited to newsfeed only. This means that if you miss the item in your newsfeed that you can’t just visit the Page or Profile of whoever shared the content and then pin it from there. I was also surprised how few posts in my newsfeed actually qualified to be Saved.
Assuming I use this feature regularly, I wonder how manageable these Saved items will become when I am either saving more links than I have time to read or have Saved so many Places that I can’t easily find the one I want from within the list. Let’s hope the ability to search your Saved items becomes available at some stage too, but I am not holding my breathe on that one though. Did I mention that I still don’t have access to Graph Search?

What Do You Think Of The Facebook Save Feature?

It’s time to check the web browser version of Facebook to see if you have access to the Facebook Save Feature and download the latest version of the Facebook App for your mobile device to unlock the extra capabilities that await.
So what do you think? Will you use the Facebook Save feature and if so how? Let me know in the comments below.