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Hi, I’m Loren Bartley, Social Media Strategist & Founder of Impactiv8

I can help you leverage the power of social media and online marketing to generate more fans, leads, customers and sales for your business.

I have been successfully helping businesses increase their profits using Facebook (including Facebook Advertising) since 2011.

My approach is simple. 

I teach the strategies, tips and tools that are most effective right NOW so that you stop wasting your time and money and start achieving results for your business instead.

Let me help remove the overwhelm, confusion and headaches you currently experience when it comes to Facebook Advertising and teach you how to implement those strategies that work instead! 


Facebook Ads Success Kit


“Before working with Impactiv8, I had no idea how important it was that my social media activity be driven by a clear strategy. I have since stopped wasting my valuable social media time and begun achieving my goals.”

Danielle Storey

“Impactiv8 knows social media inside and out and are so generous in sharing their knowledge. Working with Impactiv8 has enabled me to develop a thriving community around my business, both on and offline.”

Fiona Redding