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Financial Planning Houghton Strategic SolutionsWatch below a Facebook Page Video Audit for Houghton Strategic Solutions Facebook Page as part of Facebook Business Success.
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Using Houghton Strategic Solutions Facebook Page as an example, in this video you will learn:

  • The importance of consistent branding;
  • Why you need to set up as a Facebook Business Page rather than a Community Page;
  • How you can drive traffic to your website from your Facebook Page;
  • The importance of using “Financial Planning” keywords within your “About” Page;
  • How to “sell your business” via the “About” page on your Facebook Page;
  • Importance of frequent posting;
  • How to personalise your business as people relate to people, rather than businesses;
  • Creating a theme for the content you share on your Facebook Page;
  • Things to consider when creating a series of posts on Facebook;
  • Whether or not you should include more cats on your Facebook Page;
  • Text restriction considerations for images when advertising;
  • The pro’s and con’s of creating images that have part of the text being cut off when displayed in newsfeed;
  • The social proof that comes when people share posts on Facebook;
  • Re-sharing your own Page posts vs posting the same content again at a later date;
  • Sharing content within groups as a strategy for gaining additional exposure for your Facebook Page and the content you share;
  • Building your Facebook Page audience and fan base;
  • Promoting your Facebook Page external to Facebook;
  • Creating a value proposition for people liking your Facebook Page (e.g. a free financial planning document in exchange for liking your Page and/or email subscription);
  • Providing value to your potential customers (e.g. financial planning tips);
  • How to include YouTube videos within Facebook; and
  • Tips and tools for creating simple video for use via social media

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