Would you like to see higher social media conversion rates?
If you are spending all your time building up your audience on social media in isolation and not pulling those fans back to your website, then you are doing it all wrong!
If you are pulling your social media followers back to your website and you don’t have it set up to convert those fans into subscribers and paying customers, then you are sabotaging your social media efforts!
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Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are rented space. They are tools to assist your business in achieving your goals and need to seamlessly integrate with, as well as compliment, the other tools you use in your business, such as your website, your email subscription list, lead generation tactics, auto-responder campaigns and any other direct marketing campaigns you undertake.
You own these tools which should form an important part of your sales funnel. Therefore, gaining access to the tools that your business owns is ultimately want your social media followers to end up.

The Importance Of Your Website

Your website is your home base online (your social media platforms are your outposts) and should be the best source of information about your business and what you have to offer.
Website Home Base Social Media Outposts
Your website should connect with your visitors immediately, communicating who you are, how you can help them and what they can buy from you. It should be mobile responsive, include prominent mechanisms for capturing the names and email addresses of visitors and be structured in a way to easily convert visitors into paying customers.

The Importance Of Your Blog

Where possible, your website should also include a blog that provides a consistent stream of content that you can share across social media. As well as providing a constant source of YOUR content for sharing, a blog is also a great way to demonstrate your expertise in your niche and will assist your website’s search rankings.

The Importance Of Your Email List

The growth of your email list should be a higher priority than the growth of your Facebook fans, Twitter followers, LinkedIn connections and the like. Building communities on your social media platform(s) of choice can assist you in growing your email list, but their growth alone is not sufficient.
Social media platforms can and do change their terms of service and algorithms, effecting your reach into those communities. You don’t own your audience on social media. However, an email list is your proprietary audience, as it is captured in databases owned and accessible by your business. Email deliverability issues aside, you determine who does and doesn’t see the content you share via email via the targeting of the email nurturing and marketing campaigns that you conduct.
It is not enough to just build your email subscriber list, you need to nurture those leads through consistent value adding email communication over time. There needs to be a balance between value add messages and sales messages. The more value add you can provide, the better!
You can read more about the importance of growing an email subscriber list here.

The Importance Of An Opt-in Offer

Asking people to sign up for your e-newsletter should not be your primary opt-in offer!
People are more likely to sign up for an enticing offer of a free eBook, video training series or a special discount code than they are to sign up for an e-newsletter, of which they have only a vague idea of what the content is likely to be. People’s perception of what your e-newsletter is likely to contain will largely be based on what they receive from other businesses, which is likely to be nothing like what you offer. However if you clearly describe what the opt-in offer is that you are providing, then they know exactly what they are signing up for.

Opt-in offer example

The goal of an opt-in offer or incentive is to convert your visitors into subscribers. Those offers should be targeted at attracting your ideal customers and you may have to develop several offers if you attract a wide variety customer types through the products and/or services you provide.

The Importance Of Prominent Opt-in Forms

By strategically placing your opt-in forms in prominent areas on your website you are going to be able to generate more leads from the same amount of traffic. The three most highly converting areas of your website to include an opt-in form are:

  • A feature box at the top of your website, usually as part of your main banner and above the fold;
  • The top of your sidebar; and
  • The bottom of your blog posts

Other places within your website where you can strategically place opt-in forms include:

  • Your about page, which is usually one of the most highly trafficked pages on your website;
  • Within the resource section of your website by providing an opt-in option in exchange for providing a list of tools that would be of value to your ideal customer;
  • Within the menu options of your website;
  • Embedded within the content of blog posts; and
  •  Your 404 error page, the page people see when the page they are looking for cannot be found

404 page example

The Importance Of Social Sharing Buttons

Not everyone that visits your website will already be part of your social media communities. Therefore, it is important to convert your visitors into social media followers also. Some people will prefer your business to have this level of access into their lives rather than access into their inbox, particularly if this is the first time they stumble across your website, so you should give them the option.
Where possible you should include social media plugins such as the Facebook Like Box that allow people to join your social media community without even having to leave your website.
Join Us On Facebook Plugin
If you have a presence on several social media platforms, then you should include a social media icon set that allows your website visitors to choose the social media platform they wish to follow you on.
Website Social Sharing Buttons Example
Social sharing buttons on your blog posts and other valuable content within your website is also a must so that you can encourage your website visitors to easily become advocates for your business. If those social sharing buttons provide a tally of social shares, then it provides an additional element of social proof to your business. The more you share the content on those pages, the higher those numbers go, so there is another incentive to regularly share your website content via social media.

Social Sharing Buttons on blog posts

 Click-to-tweet is another great social sharing plugin that can be used throughout the content of your blog posts.

The Importance Of Pulling Your Social Media Communities Back To Your Website

Once you have optimised your website for conversion, by following the above suggestions, you then need to regularly and consistently drive traffic back to your website. You can do this by sharing your blog posts and opt-in offers via social media, pulling your social media communities back to your website.
Your goal should be to convert your website visitors into subscribers, paying customers and then advocates for your business. If you do this, you will start to find that you are getting more leads and more sales from the same amount of traffic to your website. 

The Importance Of Higher Social Media Conversion Rates

The more frequently you are able to convert your social media followers into subscribers, paying customers and advocates for your business, then the higher your social media conversion rates.
The higher your social media conversion rates, the more money for your business.
Would you like to see higher social media conversion rates in your business?