If you create apps using 3rd party Facebook App development tools, such as Shortstack, there are some features you won’t be able to modify unless you are registered as a Facebook Developer. In addition to this, Facebook rolls out some features to “Facebook Developers” first, so it has it’s benefits to get yourself formally recognised as one. The great thing about this is that you require no skill, no qualification and just a little bit of know-how (outlined in this post) to elevate yourself to Facebook App Developer status.

How To Install The Facebook Developer App?

First thing you will need to do is find the Facebook Developer App. Search for and select “Developer” in the search bar and select the Developer App (not Page or Group).

Become a Facebook app developer

You will be prompted to “Register Now” to become a Facebook Developer

Become A Facebook Developer_How To Install The Facebook Developer App?

You will need to “Accept the terms”.

Facebook App Developer - Accept The Terms_How To Install The Facebook Developer App?

And then verify your account with your phone number. If your account is already verified, then you won’t have to do anything further at this stage.

Facebook App Developer - Verify Your Account,How To Install The Facebook Developer App?

You will be sent a text message with a confirmation code to the number you have provided and you will then be asked to enter this information complete the account verification.

Facebook App Developer - Verify Your Account Confirmation,How To Install The Facebook Developer App?

You have the option here to turn on text message notifications. Just click “continue” here unless you want to be bombarded with text messages. Don’t forget to check who you would like to see your phone number from the options; friends (default), public or only me.

Facebook App Developer - Verify Your Account Text Notifications,How To Install The Facebook Developer App?

You will then be asked to select options that best describe you, as well as given the chance to subscribe to weekly platform updates and platform status emails, as well as Like the Facebook Developers Page to stay up-to-date. These are good options if you plan to develop a few apps to ensure you stay up-to-date.

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Congratulations! You’re now a Facebook Developer.

Congratulations! You're now a Facebook Developer - Build Your Integration,How To Install The Facebook Developer App?, businesses developing facebook apps,

Facebook Developer Resources

The following resources will assist you in your new role as a Facebook Developer:

Facebook Developers

Facebook Developers – Access Facebook Docs, Tools, Support, News, APIs, all the Apps you have created/installed and more.

Facebook Developer Documentation

Facebook Developers Documentation – You can Create an app from here by selecting “Create New App” or jump into the docs.

Facebook Developer Support

Facebook Developers Support – This is the Facebook Developer community where Facebook engineers and developers actively participate and share knowledgeable. You can search through the knowledge base (stack overflow), but be warned, it is very techie! You will also need to login with your Facebook ID to be able to ask questions via this forum.

Facebook Developers Page

Facebook Developers Page – Like this Page to keep up-to-date with the latest information relevant to Facebook Developers.

Facebook Developers Blog

Facebook Developers Blog – This is a good one to add to your RSS feed. This is where you will hear the latest straight from the horses mouth.

Facebook Bugs

Facebook Bugs – Search for Facebook Bugs or file a new one if you find one.

Create An App

You will then be able to create an app directly from your personal profile by selecting “Create App” from the left hand navigation of your Page. Once you start creating Apps, they will appear in this section also.

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So what are you waiting for. It’s time to become a Facebook Developer and start creating some awesome Apps. I will give you some tips as how you can use your new Facebook App Developer Status to your advantage when creating Facebook Apps the easy way (using 3rd party development tools such as Shortstack) soon in a future post.