There are over 3.2 Billion Likes and Comments on Facebook per day.  Each of these creates a story that can show up in people’s newsfeeds.  However, there are only a certain number of slots available in each persons newsfeed at any given time and there are quite often too many stories relative to the amount of space available.  Facebook limits the number of stories that show up in newsfeeds to ensure a high quality experience and so that people only see the most relevant content.  This means that not all your messages will show up in the newsfeed of all your Fans.

Promoted Posts on FacebookFacebook has previously advised that on average your Page Posts will show up in 16% of your Fan’s newsfeeds. Facebook understands that as a business you may have a really important message that you need delivered to as many people as possible and that’s where Promoted Posts come in.  In addition to appearing in the newsfeeds as a result of promoting a Post, it will also create more opportunities for your Fans to generate stories around your Promoted Post and therefore further extend the viral reach of your Promoted Post beyond the exposure you are paying for.
Below is a video by Facebook staff outlining how Promoted Posts work:

Some interesting things to note regarding Promoted Posts that are mentioned in this video are:

  • Promoted Posts are currently limited to Pages that have a minimum of 400 and less than 100,000 Fans.
  • Promoted Posts still adhere to all of the user settings for a newsfeed, so if someone has “hidden” your Page’s updates, then they will not appear in those people’s newsfeed.
  • Your Post appears exactly the same as a regular post, with the addition the word “Sponsored” appearing as a small grey word at the bottom of your Post.
  • You can target Posts based on location and language.
  • At present, your Promoted Post will run for three days to keep it consistent with the recency constraints of the newsfeed.
  • The estimated reach indicated when you Promote a Post is an “estimate”.  It takes into account a lot of variables, including things like a prediction of how many of your Fans are likely to log in, so it will not be accurate.
  • Promoted Posts only show up in the Newsfeed and not in the Ticker.
Facebook will continue to refine the Promoted Posts feature over time, so be sure to send feedback should you have any suggestions as to how this feature can be improved.
Promoted Posts may not be appropriate for everyone.  For example, if you are getting a high reach and engagement with your Fans already, then you may not require this additional investment.  Should you be considering Promoted Posts, then you should ensure the posts you are promoting have a strong call to action and send your Fans to a landing Page that is likely to provide you with a return on the investment.

Remember, creating engaging content is the best way to ensure your stories show up in more newsfeeds of your Fans more regularly (without having to pay for it).  The above video gave some basic tips for creating engaging Posts on Facebook:

  • Post regularly (min. 1-2 times per week) – create a content calendar and check you insights to determine what is appropriate for your audience
  • Post high quality content – Keep it human and ask questions
  • Post offers and exclusive discounts – many fans will share these, increasing your viral reach
  • Post photos and videos – they are twice as engaging as standard posts

Should you wish to Promote a Post, here is a step-by-step guide on how to do so by Mashable.
Will you or have you used Facebook Promoted Posts?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.