Have you ever wanted to change the name of your page in the past but you can’t because you have more than 100 people that Like your page? Or wanted to change the vanity URL (username) of your Page but couldn’t? Well this is no longer the case and you can now do both – Yippee!
NOTE: This post was updated 26 June 2013 with updated links for contacting Facebook.

How To Change The Name Of My Facebook Page

Facebook  provides an on-line form to complete called I Need To Change The Name Of My Page.  This form doesn’t appear to be visible on all Pages, but give it a try and if you don’t have access, try one of the other suggestions below.
To access this form you need to do the following (logged in as yourself, not your Page):

  • Go to the Page that you wish to change the name of (you must be an administrator of this Page);
  • Click on “Update Info” at the top of the Admin Panel to go to the “Basic Information” for your Page;
  • You will see the heading “Name” with the current name of your Page indicated, alongside a hyperlink “Request Change”;
  • Click on “Request Change” and complete the following form:
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It is as simple as providing the details of:

  • Current Page name
  • Desired Page name
  • Why you want to change your Page name
  • Documentation that clearly shows the name and address of your business (e.g. utility or phone bill) to prove your authenticity.

You need to ensure your Page name complies with Facebook’s Page Name Policies. The relevant policies are:
Page names and Facebook Web Addresses must accurately reflect Page content. Facebook may remove administrative rights or require you to change the Page name and Facebook Web Address for any Page that fails to meet this requirement.
Page names must:

  • Not consist solely of generic terms (e.g., “beer” or “pizza”);
  • Use proper, grammatically correct capitalization and may not include all capitals, except for acronyms;
  • Not include character symbols, such as excessive punctuation and trademark designations; and
  • Not include superfluous descriptions or unnecessary qualifiers.

NOTE: All this only changes the Page name and not the URL (web address). You should try to keep your Page name and Page URL the same as possible and as close to your business name as possible.

Changing Your Facebook Page Vanity URL (web


It used to be that once you claimed a Facebook URL it was not possible to change it, but this has recently changed also. Facebook now gives you one chance to change the URL for your Facebook Page.
To change your URL you need to do the following (logged in as yourself, not your Page):

  • Tips on how to change your facebook Page nameGo to the Page that you wish to change the name of (you must be an administrator of this Page);
  • Click on “Update Info” at the top of the Admin Panel to go to the “Basic Information” for your Page;
  • You will see the heading “Username” with a statement like “You can now direct people to www.facebook.com/Impactiv8” (obviously it will have your username there and not Impactiv8’s:
  • Click on the hyperlink “Change Username” that appears under your Page’s username and complete the following form:
User Name details for Facebook Pages, Impactiv8, FB Business Success,
  • Enter a new username and click “Check Availability”;
  • If the username you want is available, click “Confirm” to save it

Please note that you can only change your Page’s username once, so think about this carefully.  Try to select a username that is as close to your business name as possible and preferably the same as your Page name.
You should use your Page’s username wherever you are promoting your Page off-line. To make it more visually appealing and easy to remember, write in Title Case if you have multiple words in your business name and don’t use any hyphens or other characters as spacers, as people are less likely to remember to use those characters. The great news is that when entering a URL, it is not case sensitive, so people will still find your Page if they enter it all in lowercase but you have included capitals. The capitals are purely for vanity purposes and to increase the chances of people remembering your Page’s vanity URL.
Just remember to go and update all links and off-line promotion that references the old URL once you make this change to ensure that people can continue to find your easily on Facebook.

I Can’t Change My Facebook Page Name

If you don’t have access to the “I Need To Change The Name Of My Page” on-line form on your Page, then I would submit a request to change the name via one of the two following methods:

Report An Issue With Facebook Pages

This Facebook form enables you to tell Facebook about an issue you’re experiencing with your Facebook Page.
Facebook are not very responsive at the best of times, with no indication given as to if an when they will ever get back to you. I suggest you follow up in a week’s time, referencing your first contact if you haven’t heard anything by then. I have written a post on How Do I Contact Facebook When Something Isn’t Working On My Business Page? that provides more information on contacting Facebook when you are experiencing issues with your Facebook Page.

Say You Can No Longer Advertise

If you are using Facebook Ads, then the second place I recommend trying to get your name changed is via the Facebook Ads Team. The Ads Team seem to be more responsive than general help and if you  tell them that you are not prepared to spend anymore money on Facebook Ads until your Facebook Page name is changed as you don’t want to promote under a name that no longer reflects your business, then you might have a greater level of success.
How to change your Facebook Page Name There are quite a few options within the questionnaire you need to complete, but most options allow you to put in an “other” option. By all means, this is not a guaranteed method of getting your Facebook Page name changed, but worthy of investigating if you aren’t having any luck via any other channels.
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If you have been wanting to change your Page name but didn’t know how, then follow the above instructions and let me know how you get on in the comments below.