Celebrate International Talk Like A Pirate Day

How to change your facebook language to pirateToday is International Talk Like A Pirate Day. So in honour of this celebration I have created a short video that explains how to convert your Facebook language to Pirate.
This simple modification to your language settings is guaranteed to amuse you and can be switched back at anytime.
Don’t stress that your friends won’t understand a word you have to say, as this modification only changes the text displayed within Facebook as you navigate your way around the social media platform. If you want to speak in Pirate, then you have to do that yourself in your status updates.
Wouldn’t it be cool if Facebook implemented a Pirate language converter for your posts. Food for thought Facebook Developers???

How To Change Your Facebook Language To Pirate

Have fun being a Pirate and don’t forget to share this with the rest of your crew!